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Abutement Kit AK-1 - Mill Custom Titanium Abutements

The In-House Solution
for Milling Custom Titanium Abutments

NEW Custom Implant Abutment Kit AK-1 Mill Custom Titanium Abutments

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    $999.95 US*

    Material Adapters

    $380.95 US* each

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With a better fit and greater overall esthetics, custom titanium abutments are fast becoming the standard choice for dental implants and lab businesses. The AK-1 Abutment Kit for the DGSHAPE DWX-42W wet mill brings production of custom abutments in-house to make the process faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective.

  • A simple yet elegant solution that connects a DWX-42W mill with AK-1 attachments for custom implant abutment milling
  • Eliminates the need and cost of outsourcing with a low cost per unit at an estimated $98 versus $175 outsource cost
  • Adds a popular and profitable new wet-milling application for new or existing DWX-42W owners

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A Simplified and Flexible Workflow
with the DWX-42W and AK-1 Abutment Implant Kit

The DGSHAPE DWX-42W wet mill is an incredibly adaptable machine for milling popular restoration applications that grow your business and profit. It combines with the AK-1 Abutment Kit that features selected equipment for use with your choice of the industry’s most popular attachments and pre-milled titanium blanks*. The AK-1 delivers an out-of-box solution with all the milling burs, filters and tools you need to set-up your DWX-42W for custom titanium abutments.

*AK-1 attachments and pre-milled titanium blanks sold separately.

DWX-42W + AK-1 + AK-1-GE/AK-1-ME/AK-1-NT + Pre-Milled Titanium Blanks

DWX-42W + AK-1 + AK-1-GE/AK-1-ME/AK-1-NT + Pre-Milled Titanium Blanks

Custom Titanium Abutments

Using a kit that includes specially developed accessories and tools, mill custom abutments in just 3-easy-steps with the DWX-42W.


Switch Out Tray


Switch-Out Tray

Replace the regular tank with the special AK-1 titanium tray.

Connect AK-1 Material Adapter


Connect AK-1 Material Adapter

Connect your choice of AK-1 material adapter* to the work material holder

*Material Adapter Sold Separately

Mill and Complete


Mill and Complete

Insert and attach the pre-milled titanium block, output your milling job and complete.

Your AK-1 Abutment Kit Includes
(Primary Set)

Milling Burs

Three Types of Special-Purpose Milling Burs

Specially engineered burs, compatible with pre-milled blocks from GeoMedi, MEDENTiKA, and NT Trading.

Switch-Out Tray

Switch-Out Tray and Two Special-Purpose Filters

Designed specifically for the collection of titanium milling waste, the switch-out tray is supplied with two replacement filters.

Hexagonal Wrench

Torque Driver

Fix materials to the adapter with the appropriate levels of torque.

Receptacle Tray

Receptacle Tray

Keep your milling materials close-to-hand and your workstation organized.

Hexagon Tool

Hexagonal Wrench

Make adjustments to your milling set-up with the hexagonal wrench.

Material Adapter Attachments
(Sold Separately)



Compatible with GeoMedi Geo CMFit® series



Compatible with MEDENTiKA PreFace® series



Compatible with NT-Trading NT-PREFORM® series



Compatible with DESS® Pre-Mill series

DWX-42W Milling Close-Up

A Simply Innovative Solution
that Combines Cost-Effective Production with High-Esthetic Results

No more outsourcing and no more slow delivery times. That’s what the AK-1 Abutment Kit represents for many clinicians and lab technicians. Maximize the profit capabilities of your DWX-42W mill with exceptional cost and workflow benefits— bringing all your custom implant abutments and revenue in-house.

Additional Features

Low investment and low cost per unit— purchase a kit with a price point just under $1,000 and you could save many thousands each year on outsourcing costs.
Clinicians and lab technicians have full control over design and materials from start-to-finish— mill both the custom abutment and implant supported restoration in-house.
Produce prosthetics with flexibility for passive fit and correction— custom abutments provide a more precise fit and greater esthetics, especially in the anterior region.
Save time, effort while providing a better experience for dental patients— custom abutments require fewer chairside visits and adjustments.
A simple update to the latest version of MillBox Software for your DWX-42W offers you an intuitive CAM solution for custom abutment milling.
Production with your chosen AK-1 material adapter and pre-milled titanium blanks on the DWX-42W is compatible with 3Shape, Exocad, and Dental Wings CAD systems.

Additional Information

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AK1 Kits
Item Content
Applicable model DWX-42W
Supported CAD 3Shape, exocad, Dental Wings*
Supported CAD MillBox / CIMsystem*
Product configuration AK-1 (Primary set) Tray with special-purpose filter, three types of special-purpose milling burs, torque screwdriver, receptacle tray, hexagonal wrench, replacement filters, manual
AK-1-DE / NT / ME / GE (attachment) 4 types of material attachments DE: DESS; NT: NT-Trading; ME: MEDENTiKA; GE: GeoMedi
Productivity Processing time 50-80 minutes / tooth (Depends on form)
Milling bur replacement time ZTB-150D: 15 hours
ZTB-100D: 3 hours
ZTB-50D: 8 hours
Consumables ZTB-150D / 100D / 50D S Special-purpose milling burs R1.5mm (Φ3mm), R1.0mm (Φ2mm), R0.5mm (Φ1mm)
*Information as of June 2020
Please contact the software manufacturers for latest updates

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