Any way you look at it - the MDX-540 Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP®) System is a winner. One of the fastest and most accurate rapid prototype machines on the market, the MDX-540 has a price tag that is less than half the cost of most additive systems. A 4-axis desktop CNC device, the MDX-540 is complete with powerful CAM software that quickly and easily produces everything from functional and snap-fit parts and prototypes to light metal molds and custom jewelry.

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  • Rapid prototyping and manufacturing technology:
    • Creates accurate prototypes for complex snap-fits
    • Produces functional prototypes for proof of concept and manufacturability testing
    • Achieves smooth surface finish across a wide range of materials
  • 400W DC Brushless motor with increased torque for fast, accurate prototypes
  • Includes user-friendly CAM Software
  • Handheld controller and virtual control panel simplifies setup
  • Specialty MDX-540S and MDX-540SA models available for enhanced precision and accurate, repeatable production
  • Optional fourth rotary axis and automatic tool changer available
  • Maximum 19.68" by 15.74" by 6.10" XYZ-Axis Travel
List Price
MDX-540: $20,995 US*
MDX-540A: $30,995 US*
MDX-540S: $26,995 US*
MDX-540SA: $36,995 US*
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Lease Price

MDX-540: $420 US/month**
MDX-540A: $620 US/month**
MDX-540S: $540 US/month**
MDX-540SA: $740 US/month**
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** For 60 months, OAC


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