How Roland DG has Helped Students and Educators Succeed
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How Roland DG has Helped Students and Educators Succeed

As the following stories show, Roland DG has become an integral part of the art, design and engineering programs of many school and universities. Roland DG’s highly advanced, yet student-friendly equipment, software and resources make Roland DG a smarter option for both students and educators.

Western Reserve Academy

Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio provides students with the tools and resources they need to express themselves. Roland DG machines and software offer students ease-of-use and the freedom to discover their passion for digital fabrication, engineering, design and creativity.

"We want to provide them with the tools to be able to play, make, create and to follow their passions… we’re using Roland DG machines in that endeavor by printing a lot, fabricating a lot and making all kinds of different products."

- Matt Gerber, Western Reserve Academy, Director of Information and Education Technology

 Trumbull Career & Technical Center

Trumbull Career & Technical Center in Ohio has integrated Roland DG Education Solutions into their school. By adding Roland DG Education Solutions to their state-of-the-art Media Center in support of school curriculums, they've enabled students and faculty to get hands-on experience and develop real world skills.

"By being able to give them hands-on experience of industry level equipment, we’re sending students to college or into the workforce with a leg-up."

- Laura Henning, Media Specialist, Trumbull Career & Technical Center

Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design, a renowned college in Pasadena, California equips students with a range of Roland DG milling devices that play a leading role in the product design program.

"Having this wide range of equipment – Roland DG mills, printers, and traditional shop equipment – allows students to fulfill their intent and quickly make models and prototypes."

- David Cawley, Director of 3D Model Shops/3D Lab


Auburn Career Center and iSTEM Geauga Early College

“Having the Roland DG equipment greatly expands the scope of the projects we can teach.”

Laura Ciszewski, Information Support & Services Teacher

Discover how Auburn Career Center and iSTEM Geauga Early College High School in Concord Township, Ohio, partnered to provide hands-on learning experience for students, using milling, printer and UV flatbed printing technologies.

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Grandview High School

“We want our students to be able to be successful, and Roland DG’s SRP software is easy to use.”

Alan Rydlund, Pre-Engineering Technologies Teacher

Read about Grandview High School in Aurora, Colorado whose students are using Roland DG mills, printers and printer/cutters for art, design and engineering projects that have won first place at Technology Student Association State Championships.

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MDX Milled Design

Yale School of Architecture

“A student with absolutely no machining experience can walk up to the Roland DG and begin making parts with very little training or supervision.”

John Eberhart, Fabrication Instructor

Read about Yale School of Architecture, Colorado whose students are using easy-to-operate Roland DG MDX milling machines and software to develop parts, prototypes and art pieces for courses that include design studio, furniture design, product use, architectural design, and industrial design.

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Other Schools that Succeed with Roland DG

Roland DG understands the importance of equipping students and educators with the right tools to succeed. As a company, Roland DG provides customized solutions for schools and universities based on their education, classroom and curriculum needs.

Read the following stories to discover more examples of how Roland DG technology has had a positive impact on students and educators: