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VersaStudio BT-12 Direct-to-Garment Printer

BT-12 What do I Need to Get Started?
A list of items that will be needed for the BT-12
BT-12 What do I Need to Get Started?

In order to get the best productivity out of the BT-12, Roland recommends the following items. Please note that these are all either optional accessories or items that can be purchased at office supply stores:

1. A USB or Ethernet Cable (currently, we are recommending USB).
2.TPG inks - the inks do not come with the printer.
     a. TPG-CY (Cyan ink).
     b. TPG-MG (Magenta ink).
     c. TPG-YE (Yellow ink).
     d. TPG-BK (Black ink).
3. Extra A4 cassette tray. The BT-12 ships with one tray, but it is advisable to purchase 1-2 additional trays for improved productivity. A4 Cassette tray is Part # CT-A4
4. A5 cassette tray. This tray is an option for printing to smaller garments and items. A5 Cassette tray is Part # CT-A5
5. Frixion erasable markers. These can be purchased at an office supply store. They are used for marking the fabric for image placement during loading. 

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6. Cotton blanks (50% - 100% cotton; white to light colors).
7. Lint brush to help remove fuzz and lint as well as helping to press fibers down.
April 11, 2019