VersaUV LEF2-200 20" Flatbed UV-LED Printer | Roland DGA
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Test result of Adhesion Promoter or Primer for VersaUV printers
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This zip file contains firmware for LEF2-200 printer. Zip file also includes updater application, Firmware file and instructions on installation.
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This zip file contains firmware for LEF2-200 printer. Zip file also includes updater application, Firmware file and instructions on installation.
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LEF2-200 Maintenance Guide. Important facts steps on how to maintain the LEF series printer
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Maintenance Guide Spanish Guia de Mantenimiento Regular
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Printer Maintenance Guide
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2020 CPSIA Statement for Roland inks
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This is the GREENGUARD Gold certification for Eco-EUV inks.
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This is the GREENGUARD Gold Certification for Eco-EUV4 inks.
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EUV-CY, EUV-MG, EUV-YE, EUV-BK, EUV-WH, EUV-GL Safety Data Sheet updated on 042419
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EUV4-CY, EUV4-MG, EUV4-YE, EUV4-BK, EUV4-GL, EUV4-WH Safety Data Sheet SDS.
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This is a conformity statement to EUs RoHS directive for the EUV inks. EUV-CY, EUV-MG, EUV-YE, EUV-BK, EUV-WH, EUV-GL
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Users Manual
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Users Manual Spanish Manual Del Usuario
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PrintPRO-Base-LEF2-200 Specifications
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This guide shows how to remove the retainer on a new LEF-300, LEF2-200 LEF-12i printer model.
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LEF2-200 Setup and Installation Guide
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Setup Guide in Spanish. Guia de Configuracion
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Link to the VersaWorks 6 Upgrade site
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Use this updater if you are running VersaWorks version 6.0 or later . After applying this update, you can update to the latest version either Online or by applying the latest offline updater.
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This document will go over all aspects when encountering a corrupt file.
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This troubleshooting document will describe the possible causes for horizontal banding
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How to VerifyReset the TCPIP Connection. For all nework based printers.
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This troubleshooting guide will review different aspects of color variations.
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Tips for Improving Ink Adhesion
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DXFdata of Table_LEF2-200_LEF-200_LEF-20
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A summary of links to relevant BOFA product information for units that support LEF/LEC/LEJ model printers as well as Roland Dental devices.
Firmware update for LEF model printers to support Rotaprint devices
Image is split into pieces when adjusting table size in Versaworks. when table size is readjusted to fit artwork, image remains broken into pieces on artboard
Printer does not recognize a new ink cartridge or customer has a faulty ink cartridge that causes printing issues.
HELP!! I lost the software DVD/CD for my machine!!
Las impresoras de inyección de tinta Roland han sido diseñadas para permanecer inactivas solo durante breves periodos de tiempo. Cuando no está siendo usada, cada impresora lleva a cabo un mantenimiento automático. Sin embargo, hay algunas situaciones que requieren periodos prolongados de inactividad, especialmente en entornos educativos. Es importante preparar correctamente estos dispositivos para largos periodos de inactividad con el propósito de evitar daños y garantizar que estén en perfectas condiciones de producción al momento de imprimir nuevamente.
Roland inkjet printers were designed to accommodate short periods of downtime. Each printer performs automated maintenance when the machine is not in use. However, there are some situations that require extended periods of downtime, this is especially true in educational settings. It is important to properly prepare these devices for extended downtime to prevent damage and to ensure that your machine is in perfect production shape when you’re ready to start printing again.
Manage your print output with the latest edition of the world’s most popular RIP software.
Modifications to the LEF2 model printers are required when using the RotaPrint device.
Spot color with transparency warning appears when trying to save a file to eps in Adobe Illustrator
Interested in upgrading to VersaWorks 6
When outputting a design to your printer, the software needs to be able to translate commands to the device (such as how much ink to fire and when). These commands tell the machine how fast to feed the material, at what speed the print carriage travels, and what heat settings are needed for the print platen. Other variables include theproperties of thematerial being printed on, how the ink chemsitry reacts to it, how the different process colors of ink blend together to form other colors, and how long the print takes to dry. A Profile is a combination of all of these variables, among others.
Colors are not matching from one panel to the next when printing tiled images
When outputing the CMYK print file and Gloss print file separately, the CMYK print does not match the Gloss print in feed direction. Why?