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VersaUV LEF2-200 20" UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

Firmware Update for Rotary Mode and Rotaprint Setup
Firmware update for LEF model printers to support Rotaprint devices
Firmware Update for Rotary Mode and Rotaprint Setup
Supported devices
LEF-300 - Firmware 2.00
LEF-200 - Firmware 1.50
LEF-20 -   Firmware 3.00

The new Firmware updates (listed above) provide better support for the Rotaprint device.A new Rotary Mode has been added to the User Menu. 
What the Firmware provides:
When the Rotary mode is ON, after the origin and bed height are established, the LEF printer no longer resets and disengages the roller wheels from the RotaPrint to the bed of the printer. The firmware update allows the printer bed to do a single pass and return to the 0.0 point of the bed, which will now greatly increase print alignment and allows for White + CMYK + GLOSS printing applications.
• Stops the up/down motion of table during SETUP
• Stops the down motion when feeding the table
• *Excludes the front & rear 30mm from the SETUP area
• Allows setting of Nozzle Mask (% amount of nozzles used) *Works only with RVW and RVW Dual

Important Note - This is important to note, remember to Disable the Rotary Print Mode to Off when NOT using the RotaPrint Fixture. When the Rotary Mode is Enabled, the 0/0 basepoint shifts up 30mm and the bed width is reduced from Left to Right by 30mm.

To view the document with complete information and instructions, please click here.

June 26, 2020