VersaUV LEF2-200 20" Flatbed UV-LED Printer | Roland DGA

VersaUV LEF2-200 20" UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

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VersaUV LEF2-200 Firmware version 1.10. This zip file contains firmware only for the LEF2-200 printer. The zip file also includes updater application, firmware file and instructions on installation.
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LEF2-200 Maintenance Guide. Important facts & steps on how to maintain the LEF series printer
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Maintenance Guide (Spanish) Guia de Mantenimiento Regular
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Printer Maintenance Guide
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EUV-CY, EUV-MG, EUV-YE, EUV-BK, EUV-WH, EUV-GL Safety Data Sheet updated on 04/24/19
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EUV4-CY, EUV4-MG, EUV4-YE, EUV4-BK, EUV4-GL, EUV4-WH Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Users Manual
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Users Manual (Spanish) Manual Del Usuario
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PrintPRO-Base-LEF2-200 Specifications
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This guide shows how to remove the retainer on a new LEF-300, LEF2-200 & LEF-12i printer model.
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LEF2-200 Setup and Installation Guide
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VersaUV LEF2-200 Setup Guide in Spanish. Guia de Configuracion
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Link to the VersaWorks 6 Upgrade site
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Use this updater if you are running VersaWorks version 6.0 or later . After applying this update, you can update to the latest version either Online or by applying the latest offline updater.
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DXFdata of Table_LEF2-200_LEF-200_LEF-20
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​Interested in upgrading to VersaWorks 6