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Roland VersaWorks Ink Status
Roland VersaWorks Ink Status
How do I determine ink status in Roland VersaWorks ?


Roland VersaWorks Ink Status
Follow the steps below to check the printers Ink Status:

1.    Double-click the printer icon in the setting area of the main window

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     The [Printer Status] window appears
     Menu: [Printer] - [Printer Status]
     The [Printer Status] window shows the following information:

2.    Click [Update]
     The contents of the [Printer Status] window are updated

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3.    Ink Status
     VersaWorks shows only 5 levels of ink:
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Full bar       
75% or more remaining
75% bar
50% or more but less than 75%
50% bar
25% or more but less than 50%
25% bar
1% or more but less than 25%
Empty bar
Less than 1%
Note: The remaining ink amount shown in VersaWorks is an approximation. Going from 50% to 25% bar doesn't mean you suddenly purged 25% of ink. It may just mean that the level fell from 25% to 24%.
May 13, 2020