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SOLJET EJ-640 64" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer

Important notes about LEC: Ink solidification inside the cartridge
Important notes about LEC: Ink solidification inside the cartridge
Ink solidification.

​Magenta ink solidification could occur if the cartridge is exposed to high heat or direct sun light.

We have had several reports that Magenta ink has solidified inside the cartridge from plural partners. We found it happened with the machines that were exposed to direct sunlight in most cases. There were cases that the problem did not recur after moving the machine to a place where there is no direct sunlight. As you know, our ECO-UV ink is sensitive to high temperature as well as UV light. Although we have yet to specify the cause of this problem at this point, the direct sunlight can bring two risks, high temperature and UV light. The location exposed to the direct sunlight is mentioned as one of the unsuitable installation sites in the user's manual and the Installation Check List of the service note. Please kindly check the unsuitable installation sites once again, and make sure to install the LEC-300 at a suitable location. All of the reported cases happened with only MG cartridges, but it is because MG ink is more likely to cure compared to the other color cartridges.
May 13, 2020