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DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine (Wood Crate)

Error Code "101D-****"
Error Code "101D-****" The milling bur cannot be released.
Note: % indicates a milling bur stocker number from 1 to 15.

Cause #1
The returning of the milling bur failed. The inside of the collet or the ATC magazine might be dirty.

  1. Hold down the operation button on the built-in panel.
    1. This will clear the error.
  2. Click [Open collet] in VPanel.
    1. The collet will open.
    2. Refer to User Manual P.14 "Maintenance" Tab
  3. Remove the milling bur.
  4. Clean the ATC magazine.
    1. Refer to User Manual P.59 "Cleaning after Milling Finishes".
Cause #2
The collet and milling bur are affixed together and cannot be separated. The inside of the collet might be dirty.

Retighten the collet. 
Refer to User Manual P. 71 "Retightening the Collet".

If the Error Occurs Again
The collet may be deformed. In this case, replace the collet.
Refer to User Manual P. 62 "Situations Requiring Part Replacement"
April 10, 2020