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DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine (Wood Crate)

Edges of Milling Products Become Chipped
Edges of Milling Products Become Chipped

Is the installation base of the machine secure?

The vibration from milling can shake the installation base. Install the machine in a stable location


Is the workpiece firmly secured in place?

Install the machine in a location that is level, stable, and able to bear the weight of the machine. Installation in an unsuitable location may cause a major accident, including tip over, fall, or collapse.


Never install the machine in a location subject to shaking or vibration.


Is the workpiece firmly secured in place?

Check the mounting condition of the workpiece. If the workpiece is not mounted on the machine correctly, the workpiece may come loose during milling and may become misaligned.


Is the milling bur worn?

If the same milling bur is used for milling for a long period of time, it will become worn and affect milling results. Try replacing the milling bur with a new one. The work time of the milling bur can also be managed in VPanel.

Breaking Burs.png

For more information on damaging milling burs


Are the milling conditions too strict?

Strict milling conditions may affect milling results. Review the CAM milling conditions.


Is the thickness specified in the CAD data excessively thin?

If the specified thickness is excessively thin, chipping is likely to occur. Review the shape specified in the CAD data.

Recommended CAD data thickness values


  • Tool runout – Have performed Collet Maintenance – Click Here
  • Mechanical resonance
    • Reduce the spindle speed in 10 to 15% with Override (VPanel)
    • Install mill in a stable location
  • The tool sticks out
    • Replace the collet
  • Tools match strategies
    • Ensure that position of tools are in the position specified by the CAM
  • Spindle Replacement – If using a new spindle, when was it purchased and who did you purchase it from?
  •  Remove the spindle and reseat it. Follow replacement process - Click Here
    • Perform an automatic correction
  • Does the issue occur on all materials?
  • Inspect the Material Holder assembly to ensure all screws are tight - Click Here


October 08, 2021