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Roland DGA Top 10 Holiday Customization Items 2021

If you’ve ever spent time on Etsy during the holidays, looking for personalized gifts or seeing what’s new, weird, funny, or outrageous, then some of these listed items might look familiar. However, if you’re new to personalization, and you’re looking to try out some holiday products, this list may be of special interest to you. Especially at time of year when custom graphics and personalization can be so profitable. 

Here’s a specially curated Roland DGA list of products that people are personalizing and selling for the holiday season this year. 

Personalized Stockings
Customers love to have personalized stockings with their family names, faces, secret Santa messages and other custom designs on. You can create all kinds of “hipster crafty” and fashionable stocking products with dye-sublimation or DTG machines

Christmas stockings customized

Linen stockings quickly and easily personalized with the BT-12 direct-to-garment printer. 


Custom Underwear
Over the last few years, the market has gone crazy for adding faces, names, pun messages, monograms and other designs onto undies. It’s such a personal product that it makes an “extra-personal” gift when offered as a custom printed product. 


custom boxer shorts

customized ladies underwear

Add designs onto underwear with a selection of Roland DGA direct-to-garment and dye-sublimation technology

Holiday Masks 

Masks are still essential items for everyone, and they are still hugely popular in 2021— especially if you can add personalized holiday designs. Make personalized masks as well as fun seasonal items with direct-to-garment and dye-sublimation technology. 


reindeer facemask

chris mask pun

Make seasonal and personal masks— directly print onto cotton masks with the  or create graphics for neck gaiter customization with Texart dye-sublimation technology.

Custom Makeup Bags
There are so many kinds of zipper bag product blanks available online to make custom makeup bags and other fashionable items. These custom products regularly pop up on searches in Etsy, Amazon Marketplace and other custom product platforms. 


make up bag custom

custom zipper bag makeup bag

Personalize zipper bags to make trendy holiday gifts with the BT-12 printer and the Texart XT-640S direct-to-garment printers

Custom Face Socks 
It’s unfathomable to most people that this has blown up on the internet as a custom product to give to a significant other, family member or friends as a holiday gift, but printing faces onto socks is incredibly popular right now— they have whole websites dedicated to it. With direct-to-garment and dye-sublimation printing machines. It’s easy to print face graphics onto socks. 

customized face  socks

custom face socks

Examples of direct-to-garment printed (top) and dye-sublimated (bottom) personalized face socks— incredibly popular and trending items to sell as a custom item on your online storefronts. 

Pet Portrait Products
Forever popular, especially during the holidays, pet portrait products are all over the internet each holiday season. Roland DGA has multiple engraving and printing machines to create custom pet giftware to sell as high-end online products.


impact printed pet jewelry

custom dog cushion

Create engraved or impact-printed portrait jewelry with a host of Roland DG engraving products (top, centre) or personalize cushions, dog blankets, pet-t-shirts and more with a selection of dye-sublimation and direct-to-garment technology (bottom). 

Engraved Drinks Products

Engraved beer growlers, whiskey decanters, goblets, Moscow mule mugs, tankards, and everything “craft or cocktail” are the perfect personalized holiday gifts for the dad, wife, or family member with sophisticated drinking tastes. They are wildly popular products on shopfronts and online marketplaces all over the internet during the holiday season.  

engraved tankard

custom engraved growler

Engrave onto metal and glass with LV laser engraver/cutters, DGSHAPE DE-3 rotary engraver and MPX-95 impact printer.  

Family Necklace 

Family necklaces and “mother’s necklaces” are all over Etsy for the holiday season. They are the ideal personalized gift at a time when families meet— a heartfelt memento for proud mothers and other family members. 

mothers jewelry

family necklace mothers necklace

Make high-value family necklaces and mother’s necklaces by personalizing all kinds of precious metals and jewelry media with our LV laser engraver/cutters, DGSHAPE DE-3 rotary engraver and MPX-95 impact printer.

T-Shirt Bear
One that, when you see on an online store, you think, “Gosh, darn it! Why didn’t I think of that!” It’s as simple as joining a generic plush toy product with a small-sized t-shirt and making a personalized holiday product that you can customize with specific designs, names, or heartfelt messages. 


custom bear t shirt

Personalize an extra-small or infant t-shirt with a choice of Roland DG direct-to-garment technology and put it on a plushy for an easy, personalized gift application. 

Raglan Holiday Pajama Tops 
Our holiday customization #1 might not be a huge surprise to anyone who is in the apparel customization market, but there is an enormous online opportunity in personalized pajama tops on Etsy, Amazon marketplace and other storefronts during the holiday season. Many families get a new raglan pajama top each year with a new design, as part of a new holiday tradition. It’s a fun way to celebrate the holidays and a profitable one if you have a DTG printer, an inkjet printer, or a dye-sublimation set-up. 

raglan tshirt customized

Produce quick graphic pajama shirts with the BT-12 or high-volume direct-to-garment prints with the XT-6405— there are shop owners on Etsy who make huge revenue each year in this very specific customization market. 


  • If you are inspired by the items you've seen in this blog post and you're considering starting a business in the new year, take a look at our desktop printing business page to see how you can get printing and profiting from your home or office. 
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