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Introducing the New DWX-53DC

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NEW DWX-53DC Dry Dental Milling Machine with AutomaticDisc Changer

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DGSHAPE takes a purpose-driven approach to the process of innovation. It’s a combination of product and opportunity that enables us to consistently deliver quality and value to the dental lab community. This well-structured solution is in a class of its own, the NEXT GENERATION of DWX…the new DWX-53DC.

  • Redesigned spindle for 3x gripping power
  • 4mm tool for faster roughing of PMMA, exclusive to DWX-53DC
  • Includes dedicated extraction unit and connection cable
  • Built-in fully integrated webcam allows for real-time monitoring either on-site or remotely
All-New Redesigned,More Robust User-Replaceable Spindle

All-New Redesigned, More Robust User-Replaceable Spindle

The DWX-53DC features an all-new redesigned, more robust, user-replaceable spindle for 3x tool gripping power for more efficient, predictable milling of PMMA applications. The user-replaceable spindle can be replaced effortlessly in a matter of minutes, without the need to call or schedule a service technician. No special tools, testing, or training are required.

Unattended, Intelligent, 24-Hour Productivity

Unattended, Intelligent, 24-Hour Productivity

The All-New DWX-53DC dental milling machine is equipped with a fully integrated webcam for 24-hour remote monitoring and milling capabilities. It's as simple as 1,2,3... Power it on, let it go, and automatically mill a full-range of quality restorations with complete unattended confidence.

Open Architecture

Open-Architecture Platform

Allows users the flexibility to utilize their choice of restorative materials for dry milling, scanners, and CAD and CAM Software. Users can customize a workflow that is truly built to build their business.

For seamless CAM software integration with DGSHAPE DWX Dry Milling Solutions, users can rely on the trusted connection with hyperDENT-Powered by Roland DGA Edition CAM software or MillBox CAM software.

Discover growth in your dental business with the new advanced milling strategies today. For more information on product bundle discounts that include CAM software visit our promotions page.

Automatic-Disc Changer (ADC)

Automatic-Disc Changer (ADC)

The DWX-53DC's new enhanced disc changer has a 50% faster disc exchange for increased production with 24-hour milling capacity and capabilities. Load up to six material disc adapters to include a combination of materials to suit the needs of your business and let the DWX-53DC go to work.

5 Axis Milling

5-Axis Milling

A smooth and steady ball screw-driven system provides superior milling results — simultaneously rotating and tilting discs for deep undercuts and also milling large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics.

DGSHAPE Cloud Software

NEW DGSHAPE CLOUD Remote Management of All Current DGSHAPE Dental Mills from One Location

Enhance your business' ROI and minimize downtime with DGSHAPE CLOUD performance visualization software that allows for remote monitoring of the new DWX-53DC, DWX-42W, and all DWX-52D series mills from one location, desktop or mobile. The new, enhanced dashboard with artificial intelligence (AI) allows for remote monitoring of mill performance, productivity, mill maintenance, tool usage and more.

Click here to register for your FREE account today and learn more about our NEW DGSHAPE CLOUD Inventory Management Software.

Inteligent Tool Control (ITC)

Automatic Pressure Control Icon

Intelligent Tool Control (ITC)

DGSHAPE's proprietary VPanel software simplifies operation. The ITC function automatically swaps out tools that have reached their designated lifespan eliminating time-consuming production errors and interruptions.

Automatic Pressure Control

Automatic Pressure Control Icon

Automatic Pressure Control

DGSHAPE's automated regulator eliminates the need for manual air control adjustments by changing air volume based on material data via the CAM software.

Additional Features

Automatic Pressure Control Icon

Optional Feature

Option to integrate Microsoft® Surface Pro*

  • Models 7, 7+ or Go3 with i5 processor recommended for use with DWX-53DC
  • Available via a Microsoft authorized reseller
* Not included with the purchase of the DWX-53DC
Highest Clinical Standards

Highest Clinical Standards

The DWX-53DC is as a Class I medical device with the art of craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality. With its build quality and in accordance with the highest Japanese industrial standards, it gives users added assurance should any compliance laws change.

2 Year Trouble-Free Warranty

Warranty and Support

A two-year warranty plus support from a network of dedicated dealers and certified service engineers ensures that your machine is always up-and-running. From our dedicated customer support team to a wealth of training and education, DGSHAPE by Roland DG cares about your customer needs before and after you purchase your device.

Peace-of-Mind Reliability and Support

For 40 years, Roland DG has been at the forefront of advanced machine manufacturing and offers practical and reliable technology with unmatched service and support.

The new DGSHAPE by Roland DG brand delivers digital solutions that make it incredibly easy for labs to produce high quality, cost effective dental prosthetics and restorations while improving workflow efficiencies.

Additional Information

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Compatible Materials PMMA, Zirconia, Wax, Composite Resin, PEEK, Gypsum, Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Resin, Pre-Sintered Chromium Cobalt
Spindle Speed 30,000 RPM
Rotary Axis A ± 360°
B ± 35°
Air Pressure Requirements 0.4 Mpa
External Dimensions Width, Depth, Height 23.62 in. x 29.25 in. x 32.75 in.
Weight 264.55 lbs. (120 kg)
Disc Changing Time 1 minute, 7 seconds
Material Adapter Compatibility Standard Adapter: ZMA-53DC Open-Edge Adapter: ZMA2-53DC
# of Material Adapter Patterns 100
Additional Features Redesigned, more robust spindle for 3x the gripping power with PMMA applications. Built-In Integrated Webcam, Automatic Extractor Filter Cleaning, Thermohydrometer Accelerometer Sensors
Accessories Included Dedicated Extraction Unit and Connection Cable, Built-In Integrated Webcam, Material Adapter Disc Rack (ZR-53DC), Standard Material Adapters (6-Pack, ZMA-53DC), Open-Edge Material Adapter (ZMA-53DC), 4.0 mm Roughing Tool (ZRB-200D), Diamond-Like Coated (DLC) Milling Tool Set (ZPB-100D, ZPD-50D, & ZPB-30D)
Attachable Bur Shank 4 mm (Diameter), 40-55 mm (Length)
Loadable Workpiece Step Section: 98.5 mm Diameter, 10 mm Height; Body Section: Max Height 35 mm
Power requirements AC 100 V to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 2.8 A (overvoltage category II, IEC 60664-1)
Power consumption Approx. 250 W