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Roland DG Warranties

The Roland DGA Warranty programs are the best in the industry. Most Roland DG devices are supplied with a one year standard manufacturer’s warranty, but by registering your device within 60 days of purchase, your product could qualify for an extended warranty of up to 3 years*. Also, once you register, you qualify for a variety of benefits such as free online training, phone support and more.

*Length of extended warranty varies for each product

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Inkjet Printers and Printer/Cutter Warranties

  • Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranties*
    • TrueVIS LG Series printer/cutters
    • TrueVIS MG Series printer/cutters
    • TrueVIS AP-640 printer
    • TrueVIS VG3 Series printer/cutters
    • TrueVIS SG3 Series printer/cutters
    • TrueVIS VF2-640 printer
    • VersaUV LEF2 Series flatbed printers
    • VersaUV LEC2 Series printer/cutters
    • VersaUV LEC2 S-Series flatbed printers
    • SOLJET EJ-640 printer
    • VersaEXPRESS RF-640 printer
    • VersaSTUDIO BT-12 direct-to-garment printer
    • VersaUV LEF-12i flatbed printers
    • Texart XT-640S DTG printer
    • Texart XT-640 dye-sublimation printer
    • Texart RT-640 dye-sublimation printer
    • TrueVIS VG2 Series printer/cutters
    • TrueVIS SG2 Series printer/cutters
    • VersaOBJECT MO-240 Benchtop UV Flatbed
  • One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    • EU-1000MF UV LED Flatbed Printer
    • VersaSTUDIO BN2-20 Printer/cutters
    • VersaSTUDIO BN-20 Printer/cutters
    • VersaSTUDIO BN-20D Direct-to-Film Printer
    • VersaSTUDIO BD-8 UV Flatbed Printer
    • VersaSTUDIO BY-20  Direct-to-Film Printer
    • Dimensor S Structural Large-format Water-based Printer

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Cutter Warranties

  • Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    • CAMM-1 GR2 Series cutters
    • GS2-24 cutter
    • GS-24 cutter
  • One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    • Stika SV-15/SV-12/SV-8

Rotary Engravers and Impact Printer Warranties

  • One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    • DE-3 desktop rotary engraver
    • MPX-95 impact printer
    • MPX-90S impact printer

Dental Mill Warranties

  • Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    • DWX-53DC dental mill
    • DWX-42W dental mill
    • DWX-52D dental mill
    • DWX-52DCi dental mill
    • SOL dental 3D printer
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Milling Machine Warranties

  • One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
    • MDX-40/540 milling machines
    • SRM-20 milling machine
    • MDX-50 milling machine

IU-1000F Warranty

  • Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty*
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* Two-Year Trouble-Free printer warranties include a one-year manufacturer's warranty, plus an additional one-year term of warranty coverage when the product is registered within 60 days of delivery and Roland DG inks are used exclusively during the warranty period.

Service Contracts

Yes, Roland DG machines are known for their reliability, but nothing is infallible and things can go wrong – so being prepared is the smart thing to do. With a Roland DG Care extended service contract, you get assurance that you won't need to spend extra money when something goes wrong. Explore our service contracts below.