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Digital Printers and Technology
for Interior Design

Digitally print customized design elements that transform indoor environments and surfaces.

Create Unique Indoor Experiences

Whether the goal is creating the perfect interior for an upscale home, a retail environment that literally calls out to customers, the ideal atmosphere for a hotel lobby, or an inspiring and inviting corporate office, Roland DG’s innovative digital printing solutions can help you unleash your full creative potential. These technologically advanced yet easy-to-use devices produce everything from unique dimensional wallcoverings and stunning artwork to customized furnishings and eye-catching décor – elements that can turn interior spaces and surfaces into truly impactful indoor experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Interior Design Firms
Interior Design Firms
Interior Design Firms

Expand your capabilities, increase project control, and reduce costs by bringing digital printing in house. Equipped with an advanced Roland DG structural, UV or resin/latex printer, you won’t have to outsource production or rely on pre-manufactured décor items for your interior design jobs. Roland DG printers allow you to unleash your creativity and create unique, custom décor that perfectly fits a space.

Interior Decor Print Providers
Interior Decor Print Providers
Surface Design Print Providers

If you’re a print provider who already offers a limited selection of wallpapers and other interior décor items, having a Roland DG printer on site will enable you to maximize your creative options, product offerings, and profits.

Print Operations
Print Operations
Wallcovering Manufacturers

Do you own a wallcovering production business that specializes in shorter, on-demand print jobs? With Roland DG technology, you can add other interior design applications to your portfolio, grow your customer base, and increase your bottom line.

Texture Print

A New World of Creative Possibilities

Designing and producing unique, transformative interior décor requires the printing of intricate designs, accurate colors and shades, subtle accents, and precise images. Roland DG's innovative, easy-to-use digital printers deliver on all of these fronts, allowing for a world of creative possibilities. Here are just a few examples:

Wall Covering
Digital Concrete
Printed Customized Tile
Printed Customized Table Top
Raw Materials
Fine Art
Interior wraps
Realistic Proof

The Future of Interior Design

Innovative Design Concepts
Innovative Design Concepts

Innovative Design Concepts

Being successful in today’s highly competitive interior design market requires generating original, highly creative ideas that transform indoor spaces. Turning such concepts into reality requires technology that allows you to move beyond the traditional to explore new, exciting frontiers. That’s why Roland DG’s digital printers are perfect for interior design. They’re uniquely engineered to help bring your most imaginative ideas to life.

Innovative Design Customization

Unlimited Opportunities for Interior Design Customization

Customers want the places where they live and work to reflect their unique styles, personalities, or brands. Our advanced digital devices are tailor-made for satisfying this rapidly growing demand for customization and personalization. Create personalized furniture, lamps, vases, or even door handles with one of our UV flatbeds, use an integrated printer/cutter to customize pieces with wraps, or produce one-of-a-kind wallcoverings using a DIMENSE structural printer. With Roland DG technology, the possibilities are endless.

Innovative Design Customization
Dimense Digital Decorative Printing
Dimense Digital Decorative Printing

A New Dimension in Surface Texture Printing

Roland DGA offers groundbreaking technologies like the DIMENSE printing solution, which consists of the Dimensor S structural printer, water-based DIMENSE inks, and specialized, eco-friendly, PVC-free media with a variety of finishes (e.g. suede, pearlescent, matt, gold, silver, etc.). This amazing system allows for the simultaneous printing of vivid images and detailed non-repeating embossing patterns in a single, seamless process. Create wallcoverings that are like multi-dimensional works of art, as well as stunning displays, canvases, packaging, book covers, and more.

The Best Printing Technology for Your Interior Design Needs

Dimensor S
VersaOBJECT CO Series
MO Series
TrueVIS AP-640

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