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Print, profit and repeat on products and substrates with absolute ease. Add brilliantly colored graphics directly to large items or 100’s of items in one print run, create short run packaging prototypes, personalize thousands of different promotional products, and do so much more with a wide range of VersaUV technologies.

VersaUV Printers and Printer/Cutters

LEC2 S Series VersaUV LEC2 S-Series

Multi-Function UV Flatbed printers

  • Available in 32” and 67” carriage sizes and six different bed size options
  • Rigid and flexible printing— a multi-functional device with an almost unlimited range of custom graphics possibilities
  • Dual CMYK or CMYK with Orange, Red, White, Primer and Gloss ink for 3D textures and embossing
  • Perfect for signs, displays, packaging prototypes, promotional giveaways, custom giftware, branded merchandise, and more


EU-1000MF Flatbed Printer EU-1000MF

UV-LED Productivity Flatbed Printer

  • 96" x 44" flatbed printing area
  • Low-cost E-US-ink fired from 6 print heads in a staggered formation
  • Print directly onto 4' x 8' media boards, weighing up-to 99lbs with a 3.74-inch height clearance
  • Print directly on a variety of substrates such as PETG, PVC, foam board, wood, corrugated board, aluminum plate and more. Add Gloss texture, raised embossed effects, and spot varnish for stunning finishes


LEC2 Series VersaUV LEC2 Series

Professional and Performance UV Printer/Cutters

  • Available as 64” and 30" UV LED printer/cutters
  • Create high-end signs and displays or premium packaging and prototypes with a choice of models
  • The ideal print/cut solution for signs, displays, decals, packaging and more
  • Dual CMYK options or CMYK with White and Gloss ink for 3D textures, embossing and spot finishes
  • Print and cut flexible bag media, foils, BOPP, PE, PET film and offset printing stock


LEF2-300 & LEF2-300D VersaUV LEF2-300

UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

  • 30" UV-LED flatbed printer
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss and Primer
  • Higher volume customization— print directly on items up to 3.94" thick and 30" x 13" wide
  • Perfect for small signage, awards, electronics, promo items, industrial products, and more
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LEF2-200 VersaUV LEF2-200

UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

  • 20" UV-LED flatbed printer
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss and Primer
  • Streamlined short run customization— print directly onto medium-sized items up to 3.94” thick and 20”x 13” wide
  • Perfect for leather and fabric items, ceramics, canvas art, electronic accessories, jewelry, giftware, and more
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LEF-12i VersaUV LEF-12i

UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

  • 12" UV-LED flatbed printer
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss
  • Short run customization— print directly on items up to 3.94-inches thick and 12” x 13” wide
  • Perfect for golf balls, keyrings, smart phone covers, power banks, giftware, merchandise, and more

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