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Ideas to differentiate your business

Hello, and welcome to 2012! I got a simple email that really got me thinking more about how sign companies can focus on differentiating from the competition. Below is the question, and my response.

Subject: questions for Rick Scrimger


I was interested in your thoughts on “new applications that differentiate printers from their competition”. I am quoting your words from the article in WideFormat2011SoIReport. We have the Roland DG Soljet- 540 XC and we love it, but I am trying to build my volume on it. It’s been a great machine for us.

Looking forward for your reply, Rick

Thank you,

[name removed] – President

There’s several different ways to take this. It could be metallic graphics (which our users have been able to charge on average +30% more for – see my other R-Blog post here. Or using white ink for window graphics. Or reviewing our creative center website for application ideas. Or using our webcam to look at more applications in our lobby. Or Skip Grant’s “100 ways to make money with a Roland DG printer/cutter.” Depending on what you’re doing now, there’s always room to grow and continue to differentiate from what everyone else is doing.

This email exchange also got me thinking about a previous post – where some of our VersaUV customers actually DON’T want to talk about or do a PR story with us because their competition will learn about what they’re doing and they’ll lose that differentiator – a VersaUV. Frustrating for us, but I see the point.

What are you doing to differentiate what you offer?

Thanks for reading,


Rick Scrimger

Rick Scrimger

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