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Two of the artworks created using DG DIMENSE print technology.

DG DIMENSE Wall Decorations Displayed at New Head Office

Recently installed wall decorations embodying the technological prowess of DIMENSE™, a wallpaper solution brand from Roland DG’s subsidiary, UAB DG DIMENSE, adorn various spaces within the Roland DG head office in Hamamatsu, Japan.

DIMENSE™ – Simultaneous embossing and digital printing on wallpaper

Following the acquisition of UAB Dimense print, a subsidiary of UAB VEIKA specializing in wallpaper-related products in Lithuania, Roland DG established the new subsidiary, UAB DG DIMENSE, in October 2023.

Roland DG has curated an exhibit for visitors and employees who come to its new head office featuring spectacular wall décor produced using the innovative DIMENSETM digital printing solution. The exhibit features artwork created through the pairing of inkjet printing with embossing, along with some artwork decorated solely with embossing and hand-painted for a unique texture.

The uniquely textured DIMENSETM wallcoverings are made possible by the advanced Dimensor S inkjet printer, proprietary inks, and specially designed, environmentally conscious media that interact to allow for stunning dimensional effects. For the head office’s displays, Roland DG used the Dimensor S and structural Gloss and CMYK water-based inks to print on EcodecoTM, a wallpaper made from an environmentally-friendly polymer compound. The Ecodeco material foams under specific temperatures, enabling simultaneous embossing and color printing due to its unique property of staying flat in areas where the structural ink is applied.

Large yellow tulips on printed wallpaper

Incorporating texture into the design with color printing and embossing.

Green wallcovering embossed with the word "welcome" in many languagesUtilizing only structural ink for a three-dimensional embossing effect which can be further enhanced by hand-painting.

Display of Japan’s five largest artworks

In addition to the exhibition space at the head office’s entrance, Roland DG showcased five new pieces in the reception area and in front of the employee entrance. These removable wall decorations created with the DIMENSETM digital printing solution represent some of the largest works of art in Japan, each measuring 2,800 mm x 3,200 mm (approx. 9' x 10.5').

For the exhibit, Roland DG carefully selected designs from DIMENSETM’s extensive collection and engaged employees to brainstorm color schemes suitable for the new head office.

The exhibition space features pieces that include drust-like textures created through embossing and hand-painting, as well as displays with beautiful gradations and textures produced through color printing and embossing.

Second close up of simulated steel panels on printed wallcovering.

This piece was created by applying a special paint over embossed prints using structural ink to create a rough, rust-like appearance.

 Close up view of wallcovering design with blue and pink swirls

This artwork combines color printing and embossing creating an enhanced texture.

Printed circular design on blue background framed and hung.

 This artwork represents the "Golden Hour" and is displayed near the building's entrance.

Wall with large square green embossed wall art with the word for "welcome" in many languages

This piece welcomes visitors in many languages.

Additionally, in front of the reception area, Roland DG has displayed pieces with embossing and hand-painted details. There, visitors can see artwork representing the beautiful “Golden Hour” and other pieces expressing “WELCOME” in various languages.

For the artwork near the employee entrance, Roland DG combined color printing and embossing to enhance the floral motif’s texture.

Behind the scenes of artwork creation

Some of the exhibited pieces were hand-painted by employees who collaborated after receiving training, resulting in works of art that are truly one of a kind. The painting took place during the holidays, after the installation of the wallpaper on the wall frames was completed. Roland DG President Kohei Tanabe also participated in the process. After layering colors over the base, the participants achieved a unique texture by wiping the surface.

 Two men applying ink to large walll graphic with raised surfaces.

Employees received training in working with DG DIMENSE wallpaper at Roland DG headquarters.

Visitors (by appointment only) to Roland DG's head office can enjoy the amazing artwork born from the fusion of DG DIMENSE’s technology and artistry.

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