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iPhone Printing and iPad Printing: A-to-Z of Printing

People are mad for the iPad! In the digital age of personal electronics, iPhones and iPads have become extensions of ourselves, holding our memories, our friends, our bank details, and our lives. Customizing iProducts is big business and many graphics providers are enjoying great profits and success by custom iPhone covers, iPad skins, decals, and even direct printing onto iPads or iPhones. The following examples offer some cool and fun customization ideas for personalizing iPhones and iPads.



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On User Interfaces Becoming More Friendly

Unless you’ve been meditating on a mountain top in Tibet, you’ve heard about Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant included with the Apple iPhone 4S. Ask Siri to find a restaurant, make a call, or when your next appointment is, and she’ll respond appropriately. Recently, I’ve also had the opportunity to try out Kinect, the motion-sensing input device included with Microsoft’s Xbox console. Both Siri and Kinect offer user interfaces that are charming, intelligent and easy to use.

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