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Slaps! Stickers with an Edge

There are cool stickers, and then there are "slaps". This is the term given to sticker art that goes beyond the realms of mere graphics and into an artistic world, inhabited by mad creatures and bizarre characters. With eye-popping swagger, it draws from graffiti, street art, tattooing, surfing, skating and other popular culture.

Many Roland DG customers have been long-time purveyors of this distinct art form – our large format devices allow users to print long-runs and short-runs of contour cut stickers in all manner of shapes and sizes. The following represent some of the best slaps printed by companies that use Roland DG printers, vinyl cutters and integrated printer/cutters.

Cool personalized stickers

(From top-to-bottom) The Pirate Ghost, Agent Eye 13, Stickerfied's April fool prank sticker, The Tijuana Trashsquatches, Austin Blue Art.

Stickerfield in Burgaw, North Carolina, create slaps for an impressive list of artists, designers, hip new businessses and cool companies. Stickerfied owner, Ryan, uses his vivid imagination and wicked sense-of-humor to create stickers for his own company while fulfilling sticker orders for amazingly talented customers.



alternative stickers and decals

(From top-to-bottom)  Hoffa (Sticker Pack)Hoffa (Ginormous Sticker Sheet), Jime Litwalk (Sticker Pack), Scott Irwin (Sticker Pack).

Rebel Reprints from Orlando, Florida, use Roland DG TrueVIS VG2 printer/cutter technology to print artist-level slaps for customers, artist promotions and resale sticker packs. Their wildly original slaps and limited edition packs feature a selection of brilliantly colorful characters for people to slap on their laptops or stick on their boards, etc. 



Roland DG sticker design

Cool Roland DG slaps designed by Roland DGA for tradeshow graphics and giveaways.

The design team at Roland DG are known for their awesome designs and for bringing cool slaps and giveaways to sign and graphics shows.



cool die cut sticker slaps

(From top-to-bottom) Street Plant, Hard LuckTahoe Board Company, Dogtown Skates (DTS).

Inkgenda from Costa Mesa, California, print slaps and stickers for the most radical skate, surf, and action sports companies --creating graphically brilliant products for the likes of Volcom, Von Zipper, Roark Revival, and Etnies. 

Stickers are cool and always will be. Forever youthful, they are the perfect "slap" promotion for bands, artists, hip new businesses and other busineses that want to inject some excitement into their marketing. The graphics companies featured in this blog, specialize in sticker printing and use print methods that include digital inkjet printing with Roland DG technology to create the most artistic, fun and exciting work.

  • Build your own sticker business with Roland DG and discover large format slap printing with a choice of print and cut sticker solutions to suit all budgets and graphics production workflows.

Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes is Sr. Copywriter and marketing expert at Roland DGA. He's designed and produced content for some of the world’s top agencies and marketing companies. He's currently working (and getting his fair English skin burned) in Southern California! He loves art, punk rock, horror films, comic books, real beer, cooking, and eating too much!