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Jewelry Making Solutions
Revolutionary Roland jewelry making devices combine everything you need to quickly produce a wide variety of wax models from your designs for fine jewelry.
Imagine a tool that lets you make completely custom products for any patient, from a wide range of FDA-approved materials.
Rapid Prototyping
By starting with a solid object and removing unwanted material, Rolandís Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) solutions offer several advantages over 3D printers and other rapid prototyping systems.
Preparing Students for STEM-Related Careers.

Benchtop Milling Machines

Roland benchtop milling machines enable engineers and designers to produce highly accurate, quality parts and prototypes quickly and inexpensively. Roland's proven CNC machines support a wide range of materials and software, allowing engineers and designers to produce everything from functional parts and snap-fit prototypes to intricate wax models that rival final manufactured products.

MDX-540 Benchtop Milling Machine

  • 4-axis, benchtop CNC machine for fast, accurate prototyping
  • Bundled with user-friendly CAM software
  • Handheld controller and virtual control panel for quick and easy set up
  • Max. work area 19.6" (X) by 15.7" (Y) by 6.1" (Z) without rotary axis
  • Optional specialty MDX-540S and MDX-540SA models available for enhanced precision and repeat accuracy

MDX-40A Benchtop Milling Machine

  • Benchtop CNC machine for rapid prototyping
  • 4-axis, unattended milling
  • Handles a wide variety of materials
  • Generates a smooth surface finish
  • G-code compatible
  • Max. work area 12" (X) by 12" (Y) by 4.1" (Z) without rotary axis

MDX-15 & MDX-20 Portable Scanning & Milling Machines

  • Easy, unattended scanning and milling
  • Benchtop CNC machine handles wax, acrylics and light metals
  • Roland Active Piezo Sensor scanning technology
  • Software included

iModela Mini Milling Machine

  • Affordable, compact, and easy-to-use platform for exploring creativity
  • Precisely mills 3D shapes, patterns and designs out of foam, wax, balsa wood and plastic
  • iModela Creator, Roland’s 3D design software, is included, allowing users to mill shapes, holes, textures and patterns right out of the box

DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine

  • Ideal for creating complex dental prosthetics, including copings, crowns, bridges and abutments
  • Precision milling of wax, zirconia, nano composites and PMMA
  • Capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining to achieve complex cuts
  • Five-station automatic tool changer for unattended operation
  • Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status
  • Built-in dust collection system for easy connection to any vacuum system
  • Open architecture design for easy integration into a complete milling solution

DWX-4 Dental Milling Machine

  • Compact size is ideal for any lab environment
  • Capable of unattended 4-axis milling with simple one-button operation
  • Precision milling of wax, zirconia, nano composites and PMMA
  • Clamping system securely holds standard block, pin-type materials
  • Integrated air flow system keeps work area clean
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