Digital EFX Wraps

Matt Richart & Dallas Fowler  |  Louisville, KY

Spectacular EFX in the Making

Stop by the Roland booth at almost any major trade show and you will witness the artistry of Digital EFX Wraps - if you can make your way through the crowds, that is.

These Roland-sponsored instructors are simply the best in the business and their hands-on vehicle wrap demonstrations have captivated audiences from coast to coast at major venues including ISA, SGIA, Roland University and more.

"We printed a vehicle graphic featuring a boating scene.  The water looked so realistic, it was unbelievable.  At that point, we were hooked on Roland.”

As the engine driving Roland’s popular vehicle graphics workshops and presentations, they wrap and re-wrap the company’s showcase vehicles for hundreds of spectators every year.  All with the precision craftsmanship that has earned them industry awards and a loyal following among students and customers alike. 

“We got into the business officially with a Roland wrap,” said Matt Richart, who co-owns Digital EFX Wraps with Dallas Fowler.  “We printed a vehicle graphic featuring a boating scene.  The water looked so realistic, it was unbelievable.  At that point, we were hooked on Roland.”

Three years and hundreds of wraps later, Digital EFX has found themselves on the cutting edge of an exploding industry with one of the hottest businesses around.  Word of mouth had secured them a steady stream of design and installation business that is about 80 percent commercial and 20 percent retail.  Their hallmark is a precision installation process that produces smooth, seamless wraps over even the most complex curves and rivets. 

“We’ve wrapped everything from motorcycles to Hummers, inside and out,” Richart said.  “In fact, one of our favorite wraps was a Honda Prelude that included an interior wrap of the speakers, a job that took seven hours to perfect due to the speakers’ compound curves. What we’ve found is that many vehicle wraps look great from a distance.  The true measure of a quality wrap is in the quality of the print and what it looks like up close.  With our Roland, we can get to this level of excellence.” 

The Digital EFX shop relies on a complete Roland solution including a 54” SOLJET printer/cutter, VersaWorks RIP software, ECO-SOL MAX inks and Roland’s certified and profiled media including premium calendered vinyl and view-through vinyl for window graphics.  The shop designs in both FlexiSign and Photoshop, using Photoshop primarily for its signature 3D designs.

“We recently wrapped a BMW for a local car company,” Fowler said.  “The owner told us he had done 28 years of radio, television and yellow pages advertising - and now people know him by his vehicle wraps.  He was amazed at the power of this advertising medium.”

“One reason why we think it works is that people are spending more time in their vehicles,” Fowler added.  “So our philosophy is this. Instead of spending two or three thousand dollars on signage or advertising, wrap your vehicle.  Take your advertisement directly to your customers instead of making them come to you.”

Click here for information on upcoming Roland wRAP Session Vehicle Graphics Workshops and other Roland University courses.

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Digital EFX Wraps, Facts

What Got Us Started:

It all started when we were paired up for a vehicle lettering job. We were both sign industry veterans ready for a new challenge. We said “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we could wrap a vehicle a day?” and Digital EFX Wraps was born.

What Keeps Us Going:

Loving what we do, loving the industry and seeing the actual business that our wraps generate for customers.

Business Philosophy:

The more our customers make money, the more we make money.

Design Philosophy:

Instead of telling someone what you do, show them. That’s the power of a wrap.

Favorite Expression:

Do it once and do it right.

Favorite Color 10 Years Ago:


Favorite Color Today

Now that we have a Roland, we like all colors.

Cool Recent Projects

  1. The souped-up Craig & Landreth Hummer
  2. Stylizing the race cars for the Blue Grass Dirt Track Series, better known as “Battle of the Blue Grass”
  3. Tricking out the official Roland Scion xB for live audiences everywhere

Dream Project:

  1. To create movie magic by wrapping feature film vehicles
  2. Reinventing the Hip Hop scene with new automotive looks

Why we Use a Roland:

It’s our staple, the foundation of our company. It’s what makes our wraps stand apart from everyone else’s.

Favorite Feature on the Roland:

The contour cutting, hands down. This allows us to create multiple wraps and everyone of them is uniform in look.

Favorite Roland Media:

PGVP – It wraps like dream and looks like paint.

Our Roland Model:

SOLJET printer/cutter

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