DWX-50 5-Axis Dental Mill | Roland DGA

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This document will assist users in the setup and management of running multiple DWX-50s with SUM3D CAM software.
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Guide to VPanel Application - English
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A Roland white paper on e.max CAD versis e.max Press - A Comparison.
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Windows 10
This document PDF lists instructions of how to install Roland drivers on Windows 10.
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OS Compatibility List
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Windows 10, Windows 8
2.5D Driver for Windows 8 Windows 10 32-bit only
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2.5D Driver for Windows 8 Windows 10 64-bit ver 1.20
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Windows 7
2.5D Driver for Windows 732-bit only
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2.5D Driver for Windows 7 64-bit ver 1.20
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Windows Vista
2.5D Driver for Windows Vista 32-bit ver. 1.40
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2.5D Driver for Windows Vista 64-bit ver 1.20
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Windows XP
2.5D Driver for Windows XP 32-bit only ver. 1.40
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This latest Firmware for the DWX-50 will offer users Windows 8 support and should be used with the latest vPanel 2.2 and Drivers available. After upgrading to this version, you need to perform Correct Rotary Axis on VPanel.
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Performing periodic maintenance helps to keep the collet in a good condition
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This document will assist DWX-50 users to properly maintain and tighten the collet monthly or every 200 hours of operation.
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Spanish Version - This document will assist DWX-50 users to properly maintain tightning the collet monthly or every 200 hours of use.
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This DWX-50 supplemental maintenance guide has important information for the periodic maintenance that should be completed prior to milling and after milling is completed.
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Specification sheet for the BOFA DentalPro unit
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BOFA DustPRO BASE and BASE wcompressor option - Datasheet
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This manula will assist users in the setup and operation of the BOFA DustPRO Base unit for the DWX Dental Mills.
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BOFA DustPRO Base Manual DWX
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BOFA DustPRO Universal - Datasheet
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BOFA DustPRO universal users Manual
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No Description Available.
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2 Page specification sheet on the DentalPro Base unit.
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DWX-50 Operation Guide from users manual group
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Technical guide to DWX-50 - English - Includes Product Specification and Customer Testimonial
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16 page users manual
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16 page users manual on the stand alone BOFA unit
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This document discusses Roland DGAs Depot Repair Policies
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This document will walk DWX-50 users through the steps to properly install the latest version of firmware.
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The DWX-50 Setup Maintenance Guide will assist users in initial setup of the machine along with periodic maintenance procedures to assist with regular and daily upkeep.
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This document will assist DWX-50 users in proper installation procedures by using the Tool Positioning Guide for the ATC
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This document will assist DWX-50 users in the proper procedure for installing Dental Tools using the Tool Positioning Fixture for the ATC
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vPanel V2.2 for the DWX-50 includes tool management, email notification to include free email services Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and supports WIN8. Must use Firmware V2.2 and above Correct Rotary Axis must be completed after update.
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DWX-50 out of box installation and setup
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Training video on how to clean and maintain your DWX-50 for regular use and calibration.
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YouTube portal for Global DGSHAPE Video Content
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This video will assist DWX users with the proper procedure for collet tightening maintenance
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Get the most value out of your dental milling tools. We take a look at the most popular dental tools being used with Roland Dental Milling devices.
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Follow this link to the Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand webpage. Then filter through the videos to find a training session that suits your needs.
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HELP!! I can't find the driver I need for my Roland!
The cut path is being clipped on one side of the print
The air regulator for the DWX-50 and DWX-4 has a filter located within the clear plastic bottom cup. This filter can sometimes be discoloredand becomeyellow or brown in color.
The air nozzle is not clearing away the cutting dust during the milling process.
What should I do when the regulator drain bowl contains fluid or appears contaminated?
The DWX-50 VPanel Displays an Error Message
My DWX-50 has a fair amount of cutting dust on the X and Z shafts. What steps should I take to clean them?
MillBox - Security Software / Anti-Virus Exclusions
Information about my legacy product
We will be discontinuing live service and support for the DWX-50
When outputting a design to your engraver or milling machine, the software needs to be able to translate commands to the device. These commands tell the machine how fast to mill, at what revolutions per minute (RPM), and where to mill in 3D space. This is what makes up a toolpath. A Strategy is a combination of tool movements, material properties, software algorithms, and tool characteristics.
Zirconia being milled on the DWX-50 shows signs of chipping - usually around the margin/edge
Do I really need to purchase this accessory item?