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LEC2 S Inks and Accessories


Inkjet Ink

Part No. Description Price
EUV5-5BK Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Black $126.99
EUV5-5CY Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Cyan $126.99
EUV5-5GL Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Gloss $126.99
EUV5-5MG Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Magenta $126.99
EUV5-5OR Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Orange $126.99
EUV5-5PR Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Primer $156.99
EUV5-5RE Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Red $126.99
EUV5-5YE Eco-UV5 Ink, 500cc, Yellow $126.99
EUV5-WH Eco-UV5 Ink, 200cc, White $67.99


Part No. Description Price
BOFA-PRNTPRO BOFA PrintPro Fume Extractor, LEC2 printers $2,299.00
BOFA_38MMHOSE BOFA PrintPro 38mm Hose Kit $59.95
ET-64 Extension Table for LEC2-640 $1,000.00
TU4-64 64" Media Take Up Device $2,096.00


Part No. Description Price
BOFA-FILTER BOFA PrintPro Universal Replacement Filter $369.00
IJ-SWABKIT5-50 Swab Kit, 5 inch Swabs, 50 Pack $21.99
SL-CL Eco-Solvent Ink, Cleaning Cartridge $52.95

Roland Media

Part No. Description Price
ESM-SGC2-99-30 Solvent Gloss Canvas, 30in x 99ft $321.99
ESM-SGC2-99-54 Solvent Gloss Canvas, 54in x 99ft $578.99
ESM-SSC2-45-20 Solvent Satin Canvas, 20in x 45ft $123.99
ESM-SSC2-99-20 Solvent Satin Canvas, 20in x 99ft $214.99
ESM-SSC2-99-30 Solvent Satin Canvas, 30in x 99ft $321.99
ESM-SSC2-99-54 Solvent Satin Canvas, 54in x 99ft $578.99

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