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This is a sample test cut file for CutStudio application. .cst format
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This guide provides helpful information on key subjects related to CutStudio.
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CutStudio Users Manual and Guide
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Customer updatesAI CCand the CutStudio plugin no longer works
Guide to proper use of Perf Cut on CAMM-1 Series devices.
CAMM-1 Series Installation Webpage
Can CutStudio import a .CDR file?
Can CutStudio import gradients?
Can you mirror images in CutStudio?
Create Crop Mark Data in Software other than CutStudio or Illustrator
Crop marks cannot be read.
Quick Tip – Cut Studio Plugin for Adobe Illustrator CC (2021) 25.0 is now available The Roland Cut Studio Program is one of the most popular downloads for Orland DG. Giving the user the ability to output vector data to Cut Studio directly from Adobe Illustrator. The newest edition now supports Adobe Illustrator CC (2021) 25.0.
Received a "Bad Format" Error when attempting to install Cut Studio
Steps to resolve issue where CutStudio is not recognizing your cutter on a Mac Computer.
Roland CutStudio Updater to Ver.3.10
I own a GS-24 and need a copy of CutStudio.
I notice an offset between the cut line and the printed image
There are two symptoms. a.While installing the CutStudio plugin into the Adobe Extensions manager, an error may be generatedb. The CutStudio plugin seems to install properly and is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, but when a job is sent to the machine, the cutter does not activate
I loaded cutstudio on my computer and i get an error _cstmp_.tmp has a bad format when sending a job.
When sending data from CutStudio to the cutter, the driver queue displays an "error" state
How do you tile in CutStudio?
This video will show you how to install the GS-24 drivers, OnSupport and CutStudio software.
I want to do print and cut on my GX-24. The print and cut option is greyed out. I am not able to select my printer.
Instructions for installing the CutStudio plug in module in Illustrator.
Is there software included with the GX-24?
I lost the CD copy of CutStudio
HELP!! I lost the software DVD/CD for my machine!!
Only half the graphic is being cut when using CutStudio
Instructions for using an LEJ-640FT to print and cut.
Can the cutter driver in RPS be used for cut only files like red vinyl?Example,can a user send anEPS graphic with vector lines directly to GX cutter using Rolandprintstudio?
What file types does CutStudio use?
What resolution does CutStudio work in?
I have to "unsetup" after each cut job otherwise the cut job will begin in the middle of the media when using VersaWorks Dual and CutStudio.
Will R-Wear work with my GX-24?