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Helpful Tip When Loading Media on Roland DG TrueVIS Printers

Have you ever had media shewing issues when printing long print jobs? If so, you know that such problems can be extremely frustrating, slowing down workflow and negatively affecting overall output quality. Did you know that our newest Roland DG TrueVIS Series printers and printer/cutters allow you to easily correct these types of issues? The Quick Tip below outlines how this process works:

When feeding your roll of media from the back of your printer, you will hear one “beep,” and as you continue feeding you will hear a second “beep.” At that point, the vacuum system will be activated to hold down your media.

Once the vacuum is the media in place, use both hands and pull back the media holder knobs at the same time for about 1 or 2 inches.

This will ensure that your media is sitting flat and feeding straight when printing.

We hope this simple TrueVIS “fix,” will be helpful to you in your future print projects.

jim maffeo

Jim Maffeo

Formerly a Roland Care Engineer, Jim Maffeo is Print Application Specialist for Roland DGA and has many years of experience in the print industry, working for a diversity of print machine manufacturers. He is currently expanding and developing new applications for the entire Roland DG product line.