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Medical Device Prototyping & Direct Part Marking Machines

For more than 20 years, Roland DG has provided medical industry professionals with the advanced tools they need to automate medical device prototyping and manufacturing processes for custom parts, devices and implants. Roland DG medical solutions offer the precision, ease of use and versatility required for the most delicate applications. Roland DG's direct part marking machines makes it easy to track the usage of parts and devices throughout their lifecycle.

medical applications
medical applications

Medical CAD/CAM

Imagine a tool that lets you make completely custom products for any patient, from a wide range of FDA-approved materials. A single machine able to scale with your growth and take each project from medical device prototyping to production. One that is flexible and easy enough to operate without expensive technicians or software. And affordable enough to add additional machines as production increases at a fraction of the cost of large CNC mills. This is the thinking behind Roland DG Rapid Custom Manufacturing (RCM) solutions, a modular approach to help companies grow profitably.

At the heart of Roland DG's RCM solutions is the MDX series milling machine. In addition to the medical device prototyping and manufacturing of a wide variety of medical devices and parts, the MDX produces custom dental bridges and crowns, as well as medical implants, all from FDA-approved materials. With the MDX, professionals and their patients benefit from dramatically improved fit, accuracy and materials. Smooth surface finishes and tight tolerances define the technology, making it easy to prove manufacturability as well as conduct critical functional and electrical testing.