Roland DG Media - PGM-PTM2 Polyester Transfer Mask

HeatSoft™ PLUS PGM-PTM2 Medium Tack Polyester Transfer Mask

Roland DG PGM-PTM2 is a 100 percent polyester transfer tape for printed and cut graphics produced with HeatSoft PLUS ESM-HTM3 heat transfer material and Roland DG’s Eco-Sol Max® or Eco-Sol MAX®2 inks. This mask is designed to lift the graphic from its backing liner sheet without removing ink off the printed surface, allowing for optimum release shortly after pressing. PGM-PTM2 ensures that the graphic printed on HeatSoft PLUS HTM3, a thin stretchy heat transfer media, remains dimensionally stable during the transfer process. It keeps separate components positioned properly relative to one another, while also acting as protective barrier between the graphic and the heat press used to affix that graphic onto the garment.


Total Caliper: 4.7 mils
Basis Weight: N/A
Whiteness: N/A
Brightness: N/A
Opacity: N/A
Gloss Level: N/A
Inkset: N/A
Adhesive: Water-based natural
Backing: Paper


  • Textiles
  • Apparel Decoration
  • Leather Goods

Available Sizes

30" (actual 29.5")
20" (actual 19.66")

Storage and Usage

HeatSoft PLUS PGM-PTM2 Medium Tack Polyester Transfer Mask should be handled with care to keep the adhesive face of the product free of dust, debris and contaminants that can affect its adhesive capability.  This product should be processed and stored in an environment of 65°- 75° F (18° -24° C) and 30 to 50% relative humidity (non-condensing) that is clean, relatively dust-free and away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to store this product in its original packaging in a cool, dry area until ready for use. If storage conditions are outside the recommended operating ranges, allow the material to acclimate to the production environment for at least 24 to 48 hours before use.

Roland Certified Media Guarantee

This product is sold for the usage of the applications stated in this document. The product is free of defects.

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