AJ Graphics

Branding Businesses with Digital Printing

AJ Graphics   |   Garden City, Kansas

Janet Smaltz readily admits to being the “J” behind AJ Graphics, a full service shop located in Garden City, Kansas.  Her husband, Andrew, is the “A.”  As Janet notes with a smile, “the A is silent.”

AJ Graphics provides a range of branding and marketing services that includes customized apparel, signage, vehicle graphics, and more.  Smalz started off with a Roland DG SOLJET® printer and 64-inch CAMM-1 cutter, and she’s been a Roland DG user ever since.  

Choosing Roland DG Quality
“I really liked the quality of the Roland DG prints, and as someone who was new to the printing industry, I appreciated the high level of service and support,” said Smaltz. “When I needed another printer, Roland DG was my first choice.”

Smaltz recently added Roland DG’s TrueVIS™ VG-540 54-inch printer/cutter to her production platform. “We’re impressed by the speed and quality of the TrueVIS.  The colors are very clear and bright,” she said. 

AJ Graphics specializes in vehicle graphics for fleets of trailers and tractors, along with truck, van and car graphics. They also produce posters, measurement strips, date of service and other industrial decals, banners, canvas pictures, wayfinding signage and wall graphics. 

“When I needed another printer, Roland DG was my first choice.”

Durable Solutions for the Farm Equipment Market
AJ Graphics is the go-to shop for many of the farm implement and equipment dealers in the area.  There’s plenty of repeat business as well.  For a client with 16 stores, AJ Graphics produces 40 to 50 posters monthly to advertise part specials.  They also print graphics for a tractor dealer to place in the windows of the tractors and other heavy equipment. 

One recent job challenged Smaltz to find the correct material for a serious test of durability.  A farm feed company wanted to feature its logo on an enormous feed bucket outdoors in the cattle pens. “We found the right media, and the graphics we printed with our Roland DG have been really durable,” said Smaltz.

AJ Graphics is continuing to expand its product offerings.  “We keep looking for new ways to help our clients,” said Smaltz. “With our Roland DG equipment, we’re reaching our goals.”