Maverick Dental Laboratories

Maverick Chooses DGSHAPE Mills for Accuracy and Reliability

Maverick Dental Laboratories   |   Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Maverick Dental Laboratories in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, was started back in 2003 by two dental industry pros, Joe Fey and Larry Albensi.  They aimed to create a lab that would establish long-term relationships with dentists and help them achieve success. Maverick hasn’t looked back since.

Choosing a Powerful Milling Platform

Today their 18,000 square-foot lab on the outskirts of Pittsburgh employs 75 people and serves clients nationwide. Experts in creating fixed, removable and implant prosthetics, Maverick made the decision to invest in digital milling equipment years ago. They chose the DGSHAPE DWX-52 dental milling machine, based on the positive feedback they heard from other lab owners.  “The DGSHAPE mills are known to be easy-to-use and reliable,” said Maverick’s Digital Manufacturing Manager, Charlie Corrao.

“The restorations come out perfect, every time.”

Maverick recently quintupled its digital milling capability, adding four DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi milling machines.  Corrao explains why: “With the DGSHAPE mills, we have seen a better fit overall with our restorations, without sacrificing any additional milling time.  This has greatly reduced any need for adjustments while seating our zirconia restorations.”

Accuracy Leads to Workplace Efficiency

Corrao noted that the accuracy of the DGSHAPE mills also pays off in lower in-house re-milling rates. “The restorations come out perfect, every time,” he said.

The DGSHAPE mills’ automated disc changer has enabled Maverick to extend its milling hours. “The disc changer gives us the freedom to confidently ‘load and forget’ the mill,” noted Corrao. “Our employees can focus on other tasks while the mill is running.” 

Training staff on the new mills has not been a problem. “In addition to being extremely accurate and highly productive, DGSHAPE mills are user-friendly and low maintenance.  It doesn’t take much time to learn how to use them,” said Corrao. 

“We are extremely happy with our decision to purchase DGSHAPE mills.  They’re helping us better serve our customers, maximize profits, and grow our business.”

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