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Powering Growth with Roland DG DWX-51D Technology

Albensi Laboratories   |   Irwin, Pennsylvania

Albensi Laboratories in Irwin, Pennsylvania has been providing “smiles of satisfaction” to its clients since 1979. Over the past few years, Albensi Laboratories has transformed its production from fully analog to almost completely digital, helping it grow to a staff of 150 in a new, 30,000-square-foot facility.

Albensi Laboratories provides fixed and removable prosthetics, creating digital restorations from both traditional impressions and intraoral scan files.  To power its production, Albensi has vastly expanded its milling capabilities:  In just four years the lab went from owning a single Roland DG DWX-50 5-axis dental milling system to owning 10, including five new DWX-51D dental milling machines

“For years we were frustrated with our milled production. Then we got our first Roland DG DWX mill – the combination of quality, affordability and ease-of-use were the perfect solution,” said COO Donald Albensi Jr.

“Because of the efficiencies we’ve achieved with our Roland DG mills, we are able to bring work in-house.”

“We needed equipment that could handle Zirconia, hybrid abutments, and PMMAS – and we needed a 5-axis machine,” said Chris Halke, CAD/CAM Supervisor. “We knew Roland DG’s dental mills would be able to stand up to the production volume we envisioned here at Albensi, and they have done exactly that.”

Today, Albensi Laboratories produces approximately 500 units a day on its 10 Roland DG DWX mills.  The mills are kept running 20 hours a day with staff on staggered shifts, and sometimes run over the weekend. 

“With digital production, our whole workflow and staffing needs have changed.  One of the primary reasons our lab has grown is the efficiency of our milled production,” said Albensi Jr. To support its milling operation, Albensi has a dedicated CAD/CAM staff of 27. 

“Everyone is aware of laboratories that are outsourcing. Because of the efficiencies we’ve achieved with our Roland DG mills, we are able to bring work in-house. With a product like the Roland DG, we see a lot of work coming back to the States,” said Albensi Sr.