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Construction Completed for Roland DG's New Headquarters

Roland DG announced the relocation and consolidation of its headquarters to the Miyakoda Plant in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The completion of the new building, under construction for approximately one year, was celebrated with a ceremony on September 4, 2023.

Gratitude for safety and success during the approximately year-long construction period

The completion ceremony was attended by representatives from Taisei Corporation, who undertook the construction, as well as Roland DG executives, executive officers, and labor union representatives. Speaking on behalf of all Roland DG employees, Roland DG President Kohei Tanabe expressed gratitude for the safe and successful completion of the construction project.


Roland DG President Kohei Tanabe places a ritual offering during the completion ceremony.

Celebration following the completion ceremony

After the ritual, a simple celebration was held in a space on the first floor of the new building, which will serve as a cafeteria. President Tanabe conveyed a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Taisei Corporation for overcoming various challenges such as shortages of construction materials and semiconductors, as well as a labor shortage, and for successfully completing a magnificent new office building that exceeded all expectations.


President Tanabe gives a speech to those attending the September 24th event.

Building tour 

Following the celebration, the design manager from Taisei Corporation conducted a briefing session on the new building. Taisei employees guided all the attendees on a tour of the new headquarters while explaining the features of each area and the design philosophy behind them.


Attendees toured the newly completed Roland DG headquarters building.

Attendees admire the lobby area of the new headquarters building.

With the construction of the new headquarters building, Roland DG aims to provide its employees with a comfortable workplace suitable for the new era, with the hope of making it a base for empowering creativity, excitement, and continued growth worldwide.  

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