A-to-Z of Printing “Y” is for Yo Yos, Puzzles, Giftware and Games
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A-to-Z of Printing “Y” is for Yo Yos, Puzzles, Giftware and Games

VersaUV printers are the young, energetic, and playful machines of the print world. They love to customize fun, playful products like yo-yos, toys, games, puzzles, and other personalized gifts for kids. They’ve also helped many people build successful businesses by providing unique and profitable customization opportunities. 

The following applications highlight some of the distinct products that Roland DGA customers have been personalizing with VersaUV technology


uv printing on yoyos

Printed with VersaUV LEF2 series flatbed technology, these bright, fun, colorful yo-yos on wood and plastic product blanks illustrate the vivid colors and Gloss ink textures you can add to items to make them stand out.


UV keychain customization

A selection of giftware for kids, including keychains and magnets printed with VersaUV LEF flatbed technology by Graphics and More giftware specialists (top and center) and Japanese graphics customization company, NEST Graphics (bottom.)


UV plastic puzzle printing

VersaUV LEF2 series flatbed printers love printing custom photos and designs onto wooden jigsaws, plastic slide puzzles and other kid’s games— create perfect little gifts and stocking stuffers to capture memories and profit. 


print on lego

Roland VersaUV customers such as Bricknowlodgy have created entire business models from customizing items like LEGO® kits and minifigs. VersaUV LEF2 flatbed printers feature certified  V-BOND ink options that enable you to print safely onto LEGO® minifigs and other children’s products.  


wooden toy printing

Companies like Pretty in Polka Dots (top) print on all manner of wooden items — specializing in printing on boutique children’s products kids building blocks with VersaUV LEF technology. Adding custom names and graphics to retro chic items like these examples above can be highly profitable. 


UV printing on sports equipment

Companies like AJJ Enterprises (center) and Ministicks.com (bottom) use VersaUV print technology for customizing mini hockey sticks and cornhole games. With the simple addition of a print fixture, VersaUV LEF2 series printers are also ideal for customizing softballs, foam footballs and other sporting items for kids. 


  • Who doesn’t want to customize fun products like yo-yos, toys, sporting items and puzzles? A range of flatbed, roll-fed and desktop VersaUV technology opens your business up to so many possibilities in custom products. Perfect for the young-at-heart, VersaUV is the ideal product personalization choice for sign and graphics providers, store owners, merchandising companies and other toy and games companies. 
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Ben Fellowes

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