Fine Art Photography Mounting to Acrylic by David Goetter | Roland DGA
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Fine Art Photography Mounting to Acrylic

Presented by industry expert David Goetter. Sponsored by Drytac.


Discover how to quickly apply your art, design and photographic media to acrylic without static dust issues, bubbles, silvering, edge delamination and other common problems. Get fast, perfectly finished results while reducing waste and costs in this workshop that covers everything you need to know about mounting to acrylic. 

Plus attendees will receive a free roll of Drytac Facemount® film – a $300 value!

Date & Time

Registration deadline - October 1, 2019. Hurry! Limited seats available

Workshop Outline— What You’ll Learn
8:00 – 9:00 - Materials Selection
What should I print on and why? An in-depth look into selecting the correct print media and materials.
What are the best fine art photo papers and film-based media for acrylic mounts?
Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and acrylics— what’s the difference, does it matter?
Surface protection films, and pre-masking— garbage in, garbage out!
Optically clear adhesives— where should I buy it? Who makes this stuff? Why does it cost so much?
9:00 – 12:00 - Laminating / Processing Your Art and Graphics
Troubleshooting your process with advanced webbing techniques to reduce waste. 
Nip profile and low pressure— why it’s fundamental to the acrylic mounting process 
Best process for webbing your laminator— how to avoid throwing money away
Sledding verses webbing your laminator— how to make the call and does size matter?
Laminator process capabilities – how to go from a 3-step to a 2-step workflow

12:00 – 12:45 - Lunch
Provided by Roland DGA
12:45 – 1:45 - Backing Materials and Adhesives  
 Making your product unique and different and avoiding “me too” products. 
Dibond, Max metal, ABS, acrylic— making the right material choice matters
Proper adhesives for my backing substrate— white or clear? Rubber or acrylic?
Step-by-step application— when to apply a 3-steps or 2-step process
2:00 – 3:30 - Edges and Edge Polishing  
How to put the finishing touch to your work. 
CNC or hand-held edge routing— what’s the best router bits to use with acrylic 
Sanding— how simple finishes can cut your time in half
New flame polishing process that combines all materials— David Goetter’s personal process (refined after months of grueling research)
Diamond edge polishing— is it right for my product construction and facility?
3:30 – 5:00 - Support Frames and Hanging Hardware 
Attaching your frame with metal or wood choices.
Aluminum extrusion profiles— should I be using them?
VHB verses epoxies— what is it I’m sticking to?
Understanding surface energy and temperatures— how they impact adhesion
How to apply and evaluate— why should I know about sheer strength (do the math!)
Stand-offs and how they are often misused  

David Goetter is a 30-year veteran of the sign industry, a well-known author, tradeshow speaker, and a regular contributor to many of the industries major trade publications.

Workshop Testimonial

"I am extremely happy about attending this class. David covered everything from start to finish and helped us understand every aspect of the process. He is truly a master of his class. Even aside from the course outline, I learned new tips and tricks relevant to other processes in sign making and large format. I am looking forward to attending more classes from David in the future."

Foreman, Senior Print Production
Technical Communications
MIT Lincoln Laboratory