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TrueVIS VG2-640 64" Eco-Solvent Printer/Cutter

VG/VG2/SG TrueVIS Series 0400 error code
VG/VG2 or SGSeries printer shows a 0400 XXXX error code on the control panel display

​VG/VG2 or SG Series printer shows a 0400 XXXX error code on the control panel display

​The primary cause of this error is due to not properly sealing the print heads to the cap station


​Perform manual maintenance and clean the cap top gaskets. Dried ink on the cap top gasket can be the cause.

If the 0400 error persists and won't allow you to initialize the printer please perform the following steps.

1. Turn off the printer at the control panel.

2. Open the right hand cover.

3. Carefully (with 2 hands, one on each side of the carriage assembly) move the carriage to the right slightly to unlatch the carriage.

4. Move the carriage assembly to the left out in the center of the printer. Make sure no media is obstructing the movement.

5. Next with your cleaning fluid and swabs clean the top gasket of the cap station gaskets. The SG series has 2 cap stations and the VG & VG2 series have 4 cap stations. 

6. Leave the carriage out in the middle of the printer. Close all covers.

7. Turn on the printer at the control panel. The carriage will automatically dock in the home position and begin a small cleaning.

8. This procedure could clear the 0400 error.

Click here for additional information regarding TrueVIS maintenance procedures 



April 09, 2020