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SOLJET Pro III XC-540 54" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Issues with Static Cling
Poor printability; not clinging to glass surface
​Poor printability; not clinging to glass surface.


Old product or improper handling

For printing issues, especially prints that look very "splotchy" where the ink isn't laying down well in various areas, check the lot number that is found in the core label. Report this lot number so the manufacturing period can be traced. This product has a 6-month shelf life. As the material gets older, the oils and plasticizers in the vinyl will come to the surface and affect printability. Other printing issue can be due to using the wrong color profile. Check to see which color profile was used.
For issues relating to clinging to the glass surface, there can be a few issues. Check the following: 1) were the graphics cut at full bleed or was there a border; 2) how was the glass surface prepared and cleaned before installation; 3) what was the installation temperature. The graphics need a border and cannot be cut full bleed. The edges will lift after installation if cut at full bleed, and this will cause the static cling to fall off of the glass surface. The condition of the glass before installation is important. It has to be cleaned and dried, and the installation temperature must be moderate in order for the static cling to stick. The end user does not need water or any liquid solution to do a wet application. It is best to apply dry.
May 13, 2020