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Large Format Vinyl Cutters

For 30 years, Roland DG has been on the leading-edge of large format vinyl cutting technology, producing machines that have revolutionized the sign and graphics industry.  With the introduction of a new generation of CAMM-1 cutters, Roland is once again at the forefront of sign and graphics production with faster machines that offer advanced features and improved material flexibility.   
GR Large Format Cutters

CAMM-1 GR Series Large Format Cutters

Designed for today’s professionals and built for tomorrow’s demands

  • 54" and 64" models available
  • Designed for faster cutting 58.5 in/s (1,485 mm/s) and increased down force (600gf)
  • Electronically adjustable pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings to firmly grip the thinnest and thickest materials
  • Cutting groove for perforated cutting and prolonging blade life

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