Vivas Banners

Growing the Dream at Vivas Banners

Vivas Banners   |   San Francisco, California

Luis Vivas, Founder and CEO of San Francisco, California-based Vivas Banners, started his business in 2012 from his apartment with a laptop and a dream.  Today, he and his seven employees work in a 3,000 square-foot facility, serving A-list clients that include Lucas Film, Facebook, Nike, Nissan, The Gap, and Google.

When he first started Vivas Banners, Vivas advertised banners “online and on time.”  There was just one problem – he didn’t have any printing equipment.  One week in, the San Francisco Marathon contacted Vivas - could he run 20 banners by Saturday? Vivas called a friend with a large-format machine.  In the end, the pair produced 200 banners. 

Ready for Anything
“You never know who’s calling you. Quality is our number one priority for every single client,” Vivas said.  

These days, Vivas Banners anchors its production with a Roland DG SOLJET XR-640 large format printer/cutter and a Roland DG TrueVIS VG-640 64-inch printer/cutter.  

Quality was what led Vivas to Roland DG. He was having issues with another manufacturer’s equipment, so when Lucas Film came knocking, Vivas used the down payment on the project to buy a Roland DG.  “I got a feel for the quality and reliability of Roland DG’s products at a trade show in Vegas, and I knew that was what we needed to give us the edge for this job,” he said. 

“Roland DG gave us the elegance – that 'plus' we were looking for in our business.”

Vivas’ SOLJET XR-640 ran nonstop to help produce wall graphics for 15 walls, including one that featured an old photograph blown up to 30’ x 9’.  For each wall graphic, Lucas Film wanted a color proof.  “The proofs that came off the Roland DG, they approved right away,” said Vivas.

Maintaining Consistent Quality

Vivas Banners uses Roland DG inks to guarantee vibrant colors and outstanding output. “I always use Roland DG inks, because our clients deserve the quality,” he said.

After Lucas Film, Vivas got calls from other high-profile clients including Sephora and Madam Tussauds. “Roland DG gave us the elegance – that ‘plus’ we were looking for in our business,” said Vivas.