Tempted at Every Turn
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Tempted at Every Turn

It happened again. After enjoying my morning oatmeal, I headed off for the Long Beach show and was met with temptation. No... the show wasn't full of hot guys. But it was full of enthusiastic, creative Roland DG owners and talking to them makes me want a Roland DG for myself.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

  • Name dots, instant murals, sticker dots & more www.kidecals.com (such a great "back to school" idea)
  • A subtle motorcycle wrap www.facebook.com/restyling
  • Nuuao - an enthusiastic city employee in Southern California running a VersaCAMM for Vehicle Graphics, event signage, indoor signage and more.

Name Dots from www.kidecals.com

Wrapped Motorcycle

Thanks for stopping by, Nuuao!

It's a common story, but one I never tire of hearing. The first step into a new technology is often intimidating, but those who take it are rewarded, finding work they never expected. With so much opportunity in our world for personalization, engraving, inkjet graphics, it's tempting for a creative person like myself. One of these days I might get a Roland DG myself to make a Dede Decal for my Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl. For now, though, I'll keep my job at Roland DG... which fortunately I really love.

How has buying a Roland DG changed your business? What cool applications are you doing with your Roland DG? You could be in the next R-World Newsletter along with the guy who's personalizing Samurai swords with an MPX-90! Ha! What will I hear about next!?!?