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The WithRoland DG Video Contest

See some of the videos that are making us smile, laugh and cry and enter your own

Who knew that Roland DG print devices could help you fall in love, feed some fish, or get you out of a snowstorm? With less than two weeks to go in our WithRoland DG video contest, we’re calling for Roland DG users to share their video story to win a Roland DG product of their choice and we’re already discovering so much about our customers and how they use Roland DG technology.

Here are just a few entries that we’d like to share with you in hope that you too will be inspired to put your WithRoland DG story on film:

Lovelorn Alan Hodson used his BN-20 to create the greatest love note of all time – watch the video to see if this hopeless romantic gets the girl!

Melissa McDorman was at ISA 2015 and talked to Roland DG about how she purchased her 22”cutter device in 1992 and is still using it.

This dramatic video by Mega Pixel Digital Imaging highlights the epic displays that can be produced using Roland DG technology

Carlos Ponce at Cattos Graphics uses his XC-540 printer/cutter to make custom decal labels for koi carp feeders – even the fish love Roland DGA

We’re not ashamed to say it, this video about VSP Marketing Graphic Group losing their business to the “Snovember” disaster in 2014 made us cry. At the same time, we are overjoyed to know that they bounced back – watch their story.

Roland DG continues to be amazed, surprised and inspired by our customers and their stories because our customers are, and always will be, our greatest company asset. Seeing these videos and hearing customers talk about their business successes, proves to us that our machines are more than simply the nuts and bolts of machinery, but represent the possibility to create amazing products, build businesses and achieve great rewards.

Please don’t hesitate to enter our competition and tell your own story, because we can’t wait to giveaway a brand new Roland DG device to one of our awesome customers who can make us laugh, cry or jump for joy.

  • The contest ends May 2, 2015 – so there’s still time to upload one or more 5-to 60-second videos for a chance at the Grand Prize of a Roland DG product of your choice valued up to $20,995. In addition, your entry will automatically be entered into our weekly drawing for a chance to win $500 credit at the Roland DGA online store.
Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes is Sr. Copywriter and marketing expert at Roland DGA. He's designed and produced content for some of the world’s top agencies and marketing companies. He's currently working (and getting his fair English skin burned) in Southern California! He loves art, punk rock, horror films, comic books, real beer, cooking, and eating too much!