Roland DGA Introduces New Engraving Accessory Kit for its SRM-20 Compact Milling Machine | Roland

Roland DGA Introduces New Engraving Accessory Kit for its SRM-20 Compact Milling Machine

New Engraving Accessory Kit for Roland DG's SRM-20 Compact Mill.


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Irvine, Calif., June 30, 2022 – Roland DGA Corporation has announced the availability of a new Engraving Accessory Kit for its SRM-20 compact milling machine that enables this subtractive 3D mill to engrave a wide variety of substrates and objects with ease. The Engraving Accessory Kit essentially transforms the SRM-20 into a rotary engraving and diamond-scribing device that’s ideal for creating everything from plastic signs and awards to personalized gifts and custom circuit boards..

The new Engraving Accessory Kit makes the SRM-20 perfect for engraving in any home, office, or classroom. The kit can be added to an existing SRM-20 mill, or purchased together with a new SRM-20 to begin engraving right out of the box. Set-up is a breeze, and the included software and accessories makes getting started simple.

With its powerful spindle motor, independent collet system, touch-button VPanel controller, and other advanced features, the SRM-20 desktop mill is engineered for optimum efficiency, productivity, and ease of use. The optional Engraving Accessory Kit expands the capabilities of the SRM-20 even further to include engraving applications and materials. The kit includes CAD 2D software, diamond-drag tooling for metal scribing, V-bit tooling for rotary engraving, 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch collets, bed offset hardware, an indexing feature, a centering vice, and AS-10 adhesive hold-down sheets.

“This innovative kit turns the SRM-20 mill into a highly capable device for engraving plastic, wood, foam, acrylic, ABS, PC boards, and more,” said Roland DGA’s 3D and Education Technical Sales Manager, Garrett Smawley. “It increases the versatility of the SRM-20 significantly, allowing users to mill or engrave from the comfort of their school, home, or office desktop environment.”

State-of-the-art technology optimizes the SRM-20’s functionality and ease of use for both milling and engraving. A touch-button VPanel controller regulates feed rate, spindle speed, and milling on X-Y-Z axes, while an independent collet system allows for faster setting of the Z-axis base point and quick tool changes. Additional features include airtight sealing technology to prevent waste material from getting inside the spindle and Y axis, a fully enclosed cabinet that reduces dust and noise, and an intelligent safety interlock that automatically pauses the machine when the cover is opened.

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