Roland DGA Introduces New DGSHAPE Time Reduction Kits (TRK) for Producing Removable Dentures and Models with DWX Series Mills | Roland

Roland DGA Introduces New DGSHAPE Time Reduction Kits (TRK) for Producing Removable Dentures and Models with DWX Series Mills

New DGSHAPE milling  Time Reduction Kits (TRK) are now available from Roland DGA.

Irvine, Calif., June 19, 2019 – Roland DGA has announced the launch of new DGSHAPE Time Reduction Kits (TRK) that produce molded gypsum or acrylic-based material discs for accurately milling partial or full-denture bases, as well as models, with the company’s DWX dry dental mills.

Available for Roland’s DGSHAPE DWX-52D, DWX-52DC and DWX-52DCi milling machines, the new patent-pending TRK kits allow for in-house digital denture production that is simpler and more consistent than analog processes.

The new Removable Denture Kit (CA-DK1) reduces in-house finishing time for full-denture and partial- denture applications, combining affordable materials with precision milling for a more cost-effective and accurate solution. It streamlines the digital workflow, saving DWX users a significant amount of time and money when compared to traditional and 3D printing methods. The Removable Denture Kit includes a specially designed DGSHAPE tool that mills with efficiency, precision and ease, plus pre-shaped molds that minimize material waste. This kit also makes post-production adjustments a breeze. Acrylic materials allow for quicker reline and rebase processes, enabling labs to meet patient needs faster.  With the Removable Denture Kit, DWX users can expect stronger, longer-lasting output as well. Unlike other digital denture base production methods that offer short-term results, the Removable Denture Kit combines materials to produce strong, long-term acrylic products.

In addition to the new Removable Denture Kit, Roland offers a new Model Kit (CA-MK1), specially designed to simplify the denture model production process and deliver incredibly consistent results. 

“Our new DGSHAPE Removable Denture and Model kits are truly unique products that no other companies within the digital dental space have offered to date,” said Roland DGA Dental Product Manager Dwight Blair. “The Removable Denture Kit reduces both the analog workflow and the material costs associated with removable denture production. Both kits perfectly complement the capabilities and increase the versatility of our cutting-edge DWX dry milling technology.”

The DGSHAPE Removable Denture Kit includes six full-arch silicone molds, three TRK fixtures, a flat-end carbide tool, 50 sets of fixture tips, three silicone plates, and a spatula. The Model Kit includes three full-arch silicone molds, three quadrant silicone molds, three TRK fixtures, a flat-end carbide tool, and a spatula.

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