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This support document offers tips and tricks for cutting a wide variery of shapes with Roland Modeling Machines, MDX
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This tutorial covers the use of the Modela Player software with the MDX650
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This tutorial guides you through various steps required to produce a single sided part using the MDX40 and Modela Player 4. Resulting part is a tool sensor holder that can be used to hold the sensor in a safe, accessible location.
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Windows 10
OS Compatibility List
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Windows 2000
2.5D Driver for Windows 2000 ver. 1.16
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Windows Vista
2.5D Driver for Windows Vista (32-bit) ver. 1.40
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Windows XP
2.5D Driver for Windows XP (32-bit only) ver. 1.40
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Users manual for Roland's Virtual Modela
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This document discusses Roland DGA's Depot Repair Policies
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This is an updater for 3D Engrave ver. 2.70. A previous version of 3D Engrave is required for this updater to work.
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This is the updater for Dr. Engrave ver. 2.72. A previous version of Dr. Engrave is required for this updater to work.
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This is the updater for the Modela Player 4 ver. 2.12. Modela Player 4 must be installed prior to applying this update.
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Software updater for Modela Player version 4.05.
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The following is the software package for Virtual Modela v1.71.
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The following is the updater for Virtual Modela v1.71. In order to use this upgrade you must have the software application installed.
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The spindle gets stuck while cutting when increasing the RPMs during the cutting. It is not due to the cutting depth
After operating "Z CENTER MODE", the end mill is placed on ASSY Sensor attemting a cut. But whenever it cuts, the Z axis values per cut are all different.