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This support document offers tips and tricks for scanning a wide variety of shapes with Rolands Dr. Picza scanning software
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Windows 10
OS Compatibility List
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FAQs for Modela MDX3 and PIX3
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Firmware version 1.80 for Roland PIX3
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Users Manual, PIX3 Mac, English
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Users Manual, PIX3 Windows, English
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HELP!! I can't find the driver I need for my Roland!
The cut path is being clipped on one side of the print
HELP!! I can't find a Windows8 driver for my machine!!
Information about my legacy product
Can I use either of these cleaning cartridges interchangeably?
All Roland devices with a USB, Parallel (LPT), or Serial (COM) port need a driver to communicate with a computer. For Roland products compatible with Apple Macintosh operating systems, a plugin is used with Adobe Illustrator. For Roland devices with an Ethernet port, the output software (e.g. - RIP)includes the driver as part of the application.