GX Pro Series Vinyl Cutters
Cutting-Edge Cutting
Powerful and precise wide-format cutters.

GX PRO Vinyl Cutters Features

Versatile Cutting on a Range of Materials

A CAMM-1 Pro Vinyl Cutter easily handles the following materials. Four GX models are available, for handling material from 2 to 72 inches wide, and cutting from 2 to 65 inches wide.

Reflective vinyl
Paint mask
Heat transfer
Sand blast mask
GX PRO Vinyl Cutter with Large Format Printer
GX PRO Vinyl Cutter with Large Format Printer

Combines Easily with a Large Format Printer

GX Series cutters include an optical registration system that automatically recognizes printer crop marks. For a simple and cost effective print then cut solution, combine an existing printer with a GX to contour cut graphics for labels, decal, vehicle wraps and even heat transfers.

Roland Quadralign™ technology precisely reads crop marks on pre-printed data and aligns the graphic for perfect contour cutting.

GX PRO Vinyl Cutter built for years

Built for Years of Reliable and Accurate Performance

Equipped with the industry's most powerful cutting motors and backed by a long reputation for reliability, GX cutters deliver long, uninterrupted production and years of dependable service.
GX PRO Vinyl Cutter built for years
grit roller
grit roller

A Grit Roller System Does the Heavy Lifting

A grit roller system allows heavy rolls to be loaded and cut. Additional pinch roll assemblies can be installed for the highest performance.
Roland CutStudio software

CutStudio Included

Bundled with any GX Series cutter, Roland CutStudio software allows designers to quickly and easily enlarge, reduce, re-position, rotate and mirror images. BMP, JPG, STX, AI, and EPS file formats are all supported.


Optional Film Design™

Packed with design features, Film Design supports all brands of automotive window film, offering access to more than 2,000 window film pattern kits for use with over 1,000 different vehicles.

Roland CutStudio software

Feed Forwards and Backwards

With front and rear loading, you can feed media backward for a specified page distance, then cut and feed the media forward.
GX PRO Vinyl Cutters

Store Job Settings For Efficient Operation

The front panel on the GX Pro stores eight cutting conditions for pre-sets that include, cutting speed, blade offset, blade force, tool movement speed during tool-up and cutting mode. It also includes a touch-button operation for frequently used blade force, cutting speed and origin point.

Even More Advanced Features Included with the GX 640

OVERCUT for perfect corner cutting
The GX-640 easily cuts vinyl and polyurethane materials, plus a myriad of textile fabrics for decorated apparel. The OVERCUT feature cuts thicker materials by adding a margin of 1mm to the beginning and end of a vector. This ensures precise corners and accurate cuts.

OVERLAP for cutting thicker materials
For the thickest and most difficult materials, the GX-640 offers an OVERLAP feature that can cut the same graphic up to 11 times, applying steady pressure for precise, complete cuts.
Roland 3 Year Warranty
Roland 3 Year Warranty

Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty

Roland offers unmatched reliability and support with the best post-sales care in the industry and an unprecedented Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty included with all GX cutters. Roland DG proudly holds international ISO certifications as recognition of exceptional quality.
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