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Digital Printing Takes Flight

Iconography Studios   |   Los Alamitos, CA

Sarah Naccarato was searching for a new career, and she knew exactly what she wanted in her next position: less travel, more flexible hours, and freedom to express her creativity. After carefully analyzing the possibilities, Naccarato opened a sign shop the Signworld, a nation-wide organization with more than 240 independently owned and operated sign companies.

To anchor her new enterprise Naccarato invested in a Roland DG SOLJET PRO III XC-540 54-inch digital printer/cutter and a SOLJET PROIII XJ-740 74-inch digital printer. “Signworld recommends Roland DG equipment, and our research confirmed that Roland DG is the best,” said Naccarato. “Since we were new to digital printing, we needed reliable, easy-to-use equipment with excellent output.”

Iconography Studios opened in January 2008, and quickly acquired a reputation for high quality, innovative work. Sarah’s husband, James, an artist and the firm’s creative director, works with designers Jan Mislang and Gaylord Somera to produce designs that help their clients get noticed. “Our name means symbolic representation,” said Naccarato. “We try to create designs that increase our clients’ brand recognition.”

“There are lots of other sign shops near us. The only way we can survive is to consistently produce outstanding work,” said Naccarato. “The SOLJETs keeps us in business.”

Iconography produces interior and exterior signage as well as vehicle graphics, trade show displays, banners, illuminated signs, fine art prints, custom wall and window wraps and more. With such a wide variety of applications, Naccarato appreciates the versatility of their SOLJETs. “We keep the Roland DGs running all day,” said Naccarato. “Our XC’s print/cut feature allows us to finish many jobs in one workflow, and with the take up system, the machine can continue to print while we meet with clients

Iconography specializes in fleet graphics, creating and installing wraps for everything from golf carts to semi-truck trailers. They recently completed installation on a 53’ trailer wrap for Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign, and have produced wraps for more than 30 Smart Cars for YOR Health’s top sales representatives across the country. They also help local companies seeking additional brand exposure, designing wraps for plumbing companies, auto parts stores and service firms.

Last year, Iconography took on the challenge of wrapping another form of transportation: an airplane. “Our client built an ultra light airplane and wanted us to create a wrap that made it look like a bird,” said Naccarato. To precisely determine the size of the wrap, Naccarato obtained drawings from the airplane kit manufacturer. Her team then created a design in yellow and white that featured feathers on the plane’s wings.

Once the wrap was designed and approved, the client flew the plane to Long Beach where Naccarato had rented some hanger space for the installation. The wrap consumed an entire 50-yard roll of material and was fully laminated. Installation took four and a half days due to the plane’s complex surfaces. “One of our installers described the process as ‘wrapping an egg’ because of all the curves,” said Naccarato. “The wrap came out beautifully, and the colors have held up for more than a year of flying.”

Iconography is currently working on a multi-state project for US Bank, handling the layout, printing and installation of a series of window wraps as part of the bank’s campaign to increase brand awareness. The graphics are printed on perforated window film and installed across the bank windows to create display areas of 500 to 800 square feet. Iconography lays out the designs to accommodate each building’s window configuration, printing panels that conform to spaces ranging from 8’ x 85’ to 20’ x 40.’ Depending on the building location, the panels are then installed either by Iconography’s own installers or by an on-site installation team.

Iconography has seen an increase in demand for window wraps, including several they produced for the City of Long Beach’s beautification initiative. To improve its neighborhoods, the City commissioned large, colorful murals for the windows of vacant buildings and empty storefronts. “We use ECO-SOL MAX inks for all of our applications because the color and durability are outstanding,” said Naccarato. “Property managers who see our murals for the City have come to us for building wraps.”

“There are lots of other sign shops near us. The only way we can survive is to consistently produce outstanding work,” said Naccarato. “The SOLJETs keeps us in business.”