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Sometimes, the best-laid plans get sidetracked… by a pandemic. “We had been planning our shop opening for almost a year, and when we finally opened in 2020, COVID hit,” said David Hoffmann, Owner and Art Director for 413 Signs & Graphics in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

We talked with David about how 413 Signs & Graphics managed to survive through the COVID shutdown, what products are helping them grow, and what lies ahead for this exciting shop.

What made you decide to open 413 Signs & Graphics even though the pandemic was looming?
David Hoffmann:  I’ve been in the sign industry for 30 years, and my partner has a vast network of clients through his other business ventures. When the shutdown hit, we were fortunate to be considered an essential business. We got busy right away producing tons of safety signage and banners. As the economy opened back up, our business has been trending up too.

Please tell me about your facility – where are you located? How are you staffed?
We're in West Tulsa, in a 5,000-square-foot standalone building within an industrial complex. We have two installation bays, so we’re able to accommodate the largest vehicles, including busses and semi-trailers.  We have five full-time employees, three part-time employees, and several kids who like to help out when they’re not in school.

“The TR2 ink colors are the most vivid I’ve seen among any of the printers out there.”

How did you choose your production equipment?
I've been using Roland DG printing equipment for nearly 20 years. My positive experience with Roland DG printers, the high quality of their prints, and their integrated print/cut capability led me to purchase the TrueVIS VG2-540 54-inch printer/cutter for our new shop. 

I also opted for the new Orange inkset. The TR2 ink colors are the most vivid I’ve seen among any of the printers out there. 

What are your shop’s specialties? 
Basically, if it’s a sign, we do it!  We specialize in vehicle graphics, exterior signage, decals, and wall wraps, as well as channel letters, dimensional letters, and interior wayfinding signs. We also offer apparel, custom artwork, and promotional items such as custom-printed Yeti tumblers, golf balls, bags and boxes. 

What industries do you serve? 
We serve customers in the retail, restaurant, hospital, government, industrial and service industries, along with large-scale construction groups, landscaping companies, real estate offices, and dozens of marijuana dispensaries. We deal with large corporations and single proprietorships, as well as with individual consumers. Our clients are based primarily in the Tulsa metro area, but we are hoping to expand our reach nationally and internationally. 

Is your business active in the community as well?
Yes, we donate quite a bit of design and production to CancerSucks.com, which is a local charity, as well as to Sand Springs BMX, WSA Soccer, and several other nonprofits here in town on a smaller scale. We like to support local causes and help out when we can.

Tell us about some of your recent projects.
It seems like everything we do is a tight turnaround project. For example, we recently completed a project for Oklahoma Travel Information Centers (OKTIC) – a job that encompassed over 8,000 square feet of printed vinyl and needed to be completed quickly. We had ZERO issues with production. The VG2 really earned its keep on that one! 

We’ve also done work recently for Tulsa Tech, which required hitting very specific red and grey colors. Fortunately, we nailed it on the first try.  I credit that in part to our expertise, but also to the advanced capabilities of our printing equipment. We had happy clients all around.

What do you think sets 413 Signs & Graphics apart in a crowded marketplace?
I think we have several things working in our favor. First, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and being proactive with any issues that arise. Second, we only use top-of-the-line printing equipment and materials to produce the highest quality end results for our clients. And finally, we are a "family first" business and we treat our customers as if they're part of our "family." We're also really good-looking, so there's that!

What do you see for the future of 413 Signs & Graphics? 
We see ourselves as being a one-stop shop for businesses – providing everything from logo design to that monster 50-foot LED display out on the highway. In the next year, we plan on adding a CNC table, a large flatbed, and a crane truck. We are proud of what we’ve been able to do so far, and we’re looking forward to the future.