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Vehicle Wrap Workshops

Inside the Wrap Shop— Build Your Skills, Build Your Business

Be successful in the world of vehicle graphics with Inside the Wrap Shop Workshops that teach you all the essential design, print and installation skills, as well as building your business know-how. We’ve partnered with the best instructors in the industry, Digital EFX, to provide hands-on wrap instruction and valuable industry insights, so that you can take your wrap business to the next level.

Born to Wrap Workshops

Inside the Wrap Shop

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Pricing and Marketing Class

Learn how to market your sign or wrap shop and discover how to be profitable.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to estimate, quote and price vehicle wraps
  • Sales techniques, strategies, and tips to help you close sales
  • A real-world step-by-step job guide— the material, labor, and overheads involved
Class 1
Class 1
Design and Scaling Class

Printing and installation are very important in the wrap industry but knowing how to scale your graphics with the proper resolution is even more important —learn how to design and scale artwork the correct way.

What you’ll learn:

  • Interacting with clients— producing artwork, the approval process, test printing, and creating custom templates
  • How to measure a client’s vehicle properly
  • How to be profitable by saving material, time, and producing proper prints that fit every time
Class 1
Class 1
Hands-On Wrap Class

Learn how to wrap at the Digital EFX facility in Louisville, KY. Our hands-on process is perfect for beginners and for those who want to challenge themselves in areas of installation you need help with.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to register, install, trim, and finish different types of wrap film
  • How to wrap mirrors, door handles, bumpers, hoods, and difficult recessed areas
  • About post heating, inlay scenarios, knifeless tape, detailing, parts removal, quality control, and much more

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Our webinar archive teaches you how partial wrapping can save you money, how to make the right media choices, and many more essential wrap lessons. It includes a broad selection of application, production, business advice, and all other aspects of the vehicle graphic business to watch at your leisure.