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MDX-40A benchtop milling machine

MDX-40A CNC Mill/CNC Machine Features

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More Materials Means More Applications

The Modela MDX-40A Benchtop CNC Mill allows you to create 3D prototypes from non-proprietary materials, including plastics, woods, ABS, delrin, nylon, acrylic, tooling board and more. Open up endless industrial and creative applications, such as:

Product prototypes
Snap-fit parts
Toys and figurines
3D art and sculpture
Replacement parts
3D molds and stamps
Electrical casings
Plaques and engravings

Included Software for Experts and Beginners

SRP Player CAM Software
SRP Player CAM Software

SRP Player CAM Software

SRP Player was created to make milling easier for users of all abilities, enabling quick and precise production of prototypes using an easy five-step process and intuitive workflow. With the MDX-40A and SRP Player, you can produce superior parts with smooth surfaces and accurate, tight-fit precision. SRP Player accepts a wide range of file formats, including industry standard .STL files.

ClickMill software
ClickMill software


ClickMill Software allows direct control of the MDX-40A for surfacing, drilling holes, cutting pockets and other finishing processes, all without accessing CAD or CAM software.
G-Code compatible
G-Code compatible

G Code Support

The MDX-40A supports G-code NC programming language, making it well suited for both professional and educational applications.
MDX-40A prototype

Smooth Milling Minimal Finishing

The MDX-40A Benchtop CNC Mill is equipped with a high-precision spindle that reduces vibration and produces extremely accurate prototypes, perfect for achieving even complex snap-fit finishes. With ISO15448 standard collets, the MDX-40A generates a smooth surface finish that requires little to no post finishing work.
MDX-40A prototype
MDX-40A prototype
MDX-40A prototype

Prototypes that Work

The MDX-40A creates functional prototypes for industry testing that can survive a barrage of physical tests, including thermal and structural trials. Prototypes even as simple as a toothbrush undergo in-vivo testing for hand fit, brush reach and handle deflection.
MDX-40A Virtual Control Panel

Easy Control with the Virtual Control Panel

A Virtual Control Panel allows for control of the MDX-40A directly from your PC, simplifying both setup and operation. Easily adjust the speed of cursor movements for origin setting, as well as move the tool to desired positions.
MDX-40A Virtual Control Panel

Fits Cleanly in Any Environment

The MDX-40A is a compact machine with an integrated safety cover to keep dust out of the surrounding environment and make the cutting mechanism inaccessible during milling to ensure safety.
ZSC-1 scanning unit

Optional Upgrades

Two upgrades are available from Roland to optimize the production of the MDX-40A.

Additional Rotary Axis
With the ZCL-40A optional rotary axis, the MDX-40A performs unattended four-sided milling. When one side is completed, the part is automatically rotated until all sides have been milled, allowing you to continue other work while your prototypes are being created.

Contact Scanning Unit
The ZSC-1 Scanning Unit enables the MDX-40A to reverse engineer by digitizing an existing part, product or mold, so it can be worked on in the CAD software. Scan a variety of objects including soft objects like modeling clay and intricate glass or acrylic, without making a scratch. The ZSC-1 comes with scanning software and the option to integrate advanced PixForm Pro 2 reverse engineering software.
ZSC-1 scanning unit
Roland international ISO certifications
Roland international ISO certifications

Superior Reliability and Support

The MDX-40A offers reliable technology backed by unmatched customer service and technical support, and comes with a comprehensive one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Roland DG international ISO certifications are your guarantee of superior quality.

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