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Tool Tip: How to Clean Up Your CAD/CAM Workflow

With the evolution of CAD/CAM dental technology, we find ourselves waiting for a better way to manage material workflows. A recent Key Group report states that the use of multi-shaded zirconia is increasing at an annual rate of 8 percent. Not only that, as technology improves for denture development, there will be a new wave of denture-based materials to incorporate into the CAD/CAM workflow. Unfortunately, the availability of a better way to manage various multi-shaded materials is a rarity in our market today. This being the case, many laboratories have had to adapt to the situation, resulting in CAD/CAM workflows that look like the one in the image below.

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The Wait Is Over!

One of the ways we obtain valuable information is by sending out surveys to gather end user feedback that helps us make important decisions on the design and functionality of DGSHAPE devices, decisions that will have a positive effect on lab technicians and owners alike. Many of the responses we received from our most recent survey suggest that improving productivity should be our number one priority.

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Dental Tips & Tricks with Dwight Blair

Dental Milling Tips & Tricks – Tip 4. Your ITC (Intelligent Tool Control)

Congratulations! Your Roland DG DWX mill has an automatic tool changer (ATC) with multiple slots that allows you to get the most out of your tooling options. But wait… what’s the need for multiple slots when most milling jobs require only two or three tools for the process? This blog posts shows users how to use your Vpanel software and Intelligent Tool Control for effective, multiple tool production.

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